Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike is making moves to sort out the postal and mailing service

(Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike is making moves to sort out postal and mailing service in Ohafia

The beautiful (Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike is planning on creating over 800 jobs in her postal and mailing service.

Her postal and mailing service doesn’t have a name just yet because she has not told us the name but it has been confirmed that there is only one office and it is going to be in Ohafia.

From there, there shall be a sorting office and a pick up office.

Opportunity for jobs is available once office has been built which the unstoppable (Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike estimate for it to be ready by the end of 2017.

The postal service is going to mean a better communication delivery for letters and parcels. Is it going to have first class delivery only which is for next delivery time within Nigeria. However for any other place the delivery time shall unfold when the process is complete.

(Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike has mentioned that she is hoping for save journey for those that shall be traveling any to deliver the letters and parcel. That is why the receiving mailing service time has yet to be confirmed.

There is element of hard work says (Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike with this mailing service because there are different departments, the picking up for large parcel,
the picking up for valuable parcels, the picking up for letters.

Then there is the team that is going to distribute letters only to those that live in Ohafia.

From understanding the stamp to support the mailing service being provided by (Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike is going to have her father’s name KK on it.

You don’t have to pay to receive the mail from the mailing service which is being provided by (Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike but you have to pay for stamp to send the letter or to pick up the letter.

You can buy the stamp in advance if you are using (Obah) Ugwunwa Ajike mailing service to send letters or parcel once the office has built and the mailing services are boosted.

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