Crystal Clear Offers Fantastic Automatic Heated Wiper Blades

Crystal Clear has got you covered! They offer automatic heated wiper blades and innovative automotive accessories to ensure the safety of drivers in these snowy winter conditions.

Are you afraid of blurred vision while driving in the dangerous conditions of winter temperatures? Well, Crystal Clear has got you covered! They offer automatic heated wiper blades and innovative automotive accessories to ensure the safety of drivers in these snowy winter conditions.

Crystal Clear is a company operated by Heat and Clean Products Inc. and Three Point Color Inc., which is located in Brampton, Canada. Crystal clear offers automatic heated wiper blades and provides innovative automotive accessories that will help to ensure the safety of motorists while driving in the snowy winter conditions. These automatic heated wiper blades are the world’s first and are award winner of the Apex Innovation Award.

Crystal Clear specializes in heated wiper blades that are designed to cope with the dangers of extreme winter weather conditions. The system is sold in two separate parts that are purchased independently: namely, the sensor, that works to detect the outside temperature when the vehicle is running, and acts to turn on the heating mechanism when required.  Secondly, there are the wiper blades, which heat up to a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius.

The products they sell are comprised of two automatic heated wiper blades at the cost of $138.  Wiper blade Sensor needs to be purchased for wiper blades to function.  The sensor can be reused for subsequent blade purchases.  There is also the Automatic Heated Wiper Blade and Module System which cost $249.  Single-handedly there is the Module, which is used to break up the ice that has accumulated.  This is sold for $119.  Finally, there are the Single Automatic Heated Wiper Blades, which are sold for $69.The automatic heated wiper blades can be used on trucks, buses, and regular cars as well as on emergency vehicles such as police vehicles and ambulances.

Crystal Clear products exceed expectations and make a motorist’s job safer and easier.  The advantages are having an effective product that comes on automatically; reducing the need to ‘bang’ or ‘scrape’ ice and snow off of the windshield; Automatic temperature sensors that constantly monitor the temperature of the blades and glass.

Driving in the winter conditions can be quite frustrating. Having ice on the wiper blades can make them completely ineffective while driving and in some cases, using your wiper blades can make the visibility a lot worse than it was by creating streaks across the windshield in the driver’s direct vision. The Crystal Clear wiper blade system helps to eliminate this problem by reducing the ice on the blades by quickly heating up the blades to a warm temperature.

Along with offering many products that helps drivers to stay safe on the roads, the team at Crystal Clear is devoted to the safety of every person on the road by providing high quality products that exceed expectations; testing and performance checks on every product they sell and providing and creating innovative products that meet new drivers needs.

Their website provides more information about the company, their target group, pictures of the products, prices and different types of credit cards that are accepted. There is also a video, entitled, ‘Crystal Clear Test Video’ that demonstrates the testing of the blades under extreme weather conditions.  They are also found on YouTube and there are positive testimonials on the website of actual users who are satisfied with the products. Also, there is the provision of an online chat with a sales representative who will answer any questions you may have.

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