Ukrainian Fashion Leader, UkraineBrand, Launches in United States

Manalapan, New Jersey – Ukrainian fashion is prized for its creative interpretation and retelling of iconic traditional Eastern design. Many of the world’s most famous up and coming fashion designers are from Ukraine, and are being hailed as the creative and revolutionary “New East” movement. Vogue Ukraine is becoming an emerging reference point of Western fashion. This fashion shift has seen an influx of Eastern fashion brands into the Western world, including the introduction of the Eastern fashion leader Ukraine Brand launching its first foothold in the United States.

Ukraine Brand is a new-age fashion line that tells the stories of its heritage and of Ukrainian people through traditional patterns, unique construction, and artful embroidery. With a focus on sustainability and ethically accessed resources, the company uses their brand to stimulate economic development in Ukraine. The fashion and material are authentically Ukrainian, implementing the core ideas and values of traditional Ukrainian fashion to create a chic, modern new look just beginning to hit the United States fashion scene. They often incorporate customary design and graphics into new materials or using new methods, such as adding a customary vyshyvanka (a traditional embroidery feature on many iconic Ukrainian fashion pieces, which is often showcased as part of the national costume of Ukraine) design to a chic bomber jacket.

Ukrainian impact on Western design is just beginning to get noticed by the core fashion reporters. Vogue only recently addressed the impact of Ukrainian clothing and design on global trends. The political turbulence and conflict in Ukraine has turned a public eye on it, and with a blazing national pride blossoming following the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution, local fashion has seen the reincorporation of the previously mentioned traditional vyshyvanka into street fashion. This dress has not gone unnoticed internationally, and has been incorporated into global, everyday style as well as high fashion. Clear signs of Ukrainian influence have been seen in fashion lines by Gucci, Valentino, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Prabal Gurung, which has been idolized in turn by other designers and by street fashion icons to disseminate into fashion designed for the average modern fashionista.

Ukraine Brand has seen this impact of Ukrainian clothing features in the highest esteemed couture lines, and strives to help further incorporate traditional design into international street fashion. To see what Ukraine Brand has to offer, explore the Ukraine Brand website.

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