Heart Led Leadership Launches Nationwide Campaign to Impact Business Owners from Around the States

Denver, CO – May 25th, 2017 – Heart Led leadership, a company dedicated to educating organizations or leaders on how to better their businesses, has recently launched a nationwide campaign building the on-going “Heart of Leaders” program. The course, which is a yearlong, is dedicated to taking senior leaders and employees and optimizing their performance so they may take their business to the next level.

The course has several aspects that make it a unique opportunity for organizations to participate in. Individual behavior will be studied immensely: the challenging situations that participants are placed in are designed to better help Heart Led faculty, and the individuals understand what their strengths and weaknesses are. The goal of the program is to teach these leaders to follow their hearts as they journey to expand in the business world.

The actual program is based on core events, which contributors are required to take part in four times over the course quarter, along with classes, projects, and other kinds of learning throughout. These core events are meant to be extensive and surprise senior leaders with unexpected situations that challenge their morality, compassion and logical thinking. Along with this, at each quarter, senior leaders come up with a plan they believe will take their business to the next best level, and work with Heart Led faculty and other participants to improve and edit these initial ideas. By the end of the program, senior leaders will walk out with a couple of different plans with carefully calculated risk and rewards to utilize within their business.

Heart Led’s other focuses will include forging relationships between different senior leaders. As they go through the challenging course together, the hope is that these individuals will confide in one another and strengthen each other as people. More than just other participants though, the senior leaders are exposed to all kinds of different people-customers, mentors, other business owners, coaches and more. These people will not only give advice, but will also establish a line of communication and trust that lasts far longer than the program itself.

The unique opportunity offered by Heart Led is designed to make more effective leaders that use their heart as a guide in their careers and organizations. With the use of coaches, faculty, mentors and other participants, the program fosters an environment with an equal focus on both individual strengths and weaknesses, along with team collaboration. With this kind of course out there, no business owner or senior employee is going to want to miss signing up for it!

About Heart Led Leadership

The company – Heart Led Leadership – is based in Denver, Colorado. It boasts a wide range of experienced leaders in different professions who are passionate about helping others in business and other professions to realize their goals.  For more information on Heart Led Leadership, you can visit their website here http://us.heartledleadership.com/.

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