To Talk About The Speed, Stability And Surprises Airwheel Z5 Foldable Electric Hover Board Brings For Riders

Now people who know about the scooters industry are very familiar with this big brand, Airwheel and they all think Airwheel is a trustworthy enterprise. Airwheel introduces 3S theory—speed, stability, and surprises. And the 3S theory makes Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter the industry star.

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The 3S theory in designing Airwheel products makes Airwheel and its products the industry leader today. 3S means Speed, Stability and Surprises. With 3S theory, Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter has sized people’s eyes since it was first introduced. There is no doubt that Z5 is catching up with the trend.

Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter

From the aspect of speed, Airwheel Z5’s motor is carefully selected, in combination the N45 magnet steel and 270 silicon steel sheet, more energy-saving and quieter. Its battery design is a highlight. Airwheel uses the swappable battery group. The potent battery group offers a long range. Once one is out of power, the other can be used.

As long as Airwheel provides backup battery sales, people can choose to purchase spare batteries. In this way, Airwheel Z5 fast electric scooter will meet different needs. The power bank under the board provides riders with the electricity up to 162.8 Wh. Airwheel is in pursuit of the versatile design due to the USB port in the battery that can provide power for other daily electronics. Also, such design makes charging more convenient.

Airwheel Z5 fast electric scooter

As for its stability, the wheels of Z5 come from high quality tyre; and they are modified to be the wheels enabling riders to ride Z5 stably. The standing board is utterly manufactured by hands with advanced techniques to make sure that the boards are durable and work well. The front and rear dampers absorb the bumps while running on the road. Cool headlight and taillight design is full of character, cool and showy, ensures a safe night riding.

A large and wide pedal is contradictory to an efficient folding system. But in order to ensure a more comfortable riding posture, Airwheel Z5 2 wheel electric scooter is specially designed a separated blade type folding pedals. Z5 is more in line with the body’s daily standing habit, and reduces the burden on both legs. Due to the wonderful designs, Airwheel Z5 surely brings surprises to you. Its speed and stability bring surprise for you.

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