Datasparc Inc. Announces DBHawk 3.2.1 With Advanced Database Access Control And Database Security Features

Datasparc is committed to providing highly secure tool based on industry security standards and guidelines

Suwanee, GA, USA – May 25, 2017 – Datasparc Inc., has announced its all new Online SQL Editor called DBHawk 3.2.1. The new web based SQL tool comes with many upgraded features and is much more sophisticated than the current databases that use a simple model for access control. Current databases use a simple model for access control and each database has access control through database users. Moreover, the current database tables and database views access are granted to each user.

“While working with various business users, it is not easy to grant access to a particular user to view only certain objects of the databases and maintaining this policy.” said Dave Shaw of the Datasparc Inc. “We are happy to announce this new addition in the database security tools and this web based SQL tool will help many business users worldwide.” he added. According to Dave, while creating regular database users, it is not intuitive to give access to various system schemas such as database information schemas, tables, views etc.

Most of the DBHawk customers are using DBHawk for securing their various data in databases and giving access to data through a central server where they can log and audit database activities. Moreover, several customers asked for database access control feature to enhance database security and make it easy for customer to give access to their data. However, the DBHawk 3.2.1 comes with major database access control features. Current Access Control feature is available for Oracle and MSSQL databases and according to Datasparc, it will support other databases as well in the near future.

Besides being an amazing Online SQL Editor, DBHawk 3.2.1 also provides single sign on feature. Using this feature, it makes integration a breeze with other applications. If the user is signed in with other application and needs to access database information through logged in application, now users can have that access without requiring to sign in again with DBHawk. This feature was made possible with new DBHawk API calls. Also, the DBHawk 3.2.1 provides AES-256 encryption to store all data. All internal DBHawk data are encrypted with customer’s own encryption key and salt mechanism. This gives our customer peace of mind of having their data stored securely with their own encryption and salting.

DBHawk 3.2.1 works with Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, AWS Redshift, Microsoft Azure, Teradata, Netezza, SAP Hana and other JDBC compliant databases. DBHawk can be deployed on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux platforms as well it can run with Docker. It is available for immediate download at

About Datasparc Inc.:

Founded by Java expert and database professionals with strong experience working with various SQL and NoSQL databases, the goal of Datasparc is to be an industry leader in database tools market though providing innovative, easy to use tool to help business users access, integrate and analyze massive amounts of data with security. This all new DBHawk Online SQL Query and reporting tool allows Business Analyst, Developers to work with various databases through intuitive single web based UI.

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