Chrome: See Stunning Robot Sci Fi Spectacle in Riveting New Trailer for Timothy Hines’ Six Part Mini Series

“Chrome is a one of a kind female superhero action sci-fi.”
Six part robot sci-fi mini series set to release September 7, 2017.

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The trailer immediately establishes that the world has fallen into a dystopian darkness of oppression and that escaping robot slaves are abused. It also tells us that robots cannot fight back lest their “human injury inhibitors” will cause their neural net brains to violently melt down and destroy them.

Above: Chrome Production art. Below: Katie Tomlinson as Chrome.

Then the rogue escaped female domestic class robot Chrome appears and stands up to her human abusers in the largest possible way.

Chrome, filled with epic action and a spectacle of bright colors, is the brainchild of Timothy Hines who has been laboring on the production, designed in the style of golden age classic science fiction films, like the 1927 Metropolis, for well over a decade. His dark and unique vision comes to Amazon and other top platforms starting September 7, 2017.

Starring Katie Tomlinson as Chrome, Anthony Piana as the nefarious Colonel Zet and Susan Goforth as El, The Reclaimer, the series is filled with a giant variety of sentient robots in all shapes and sizes, flying “bugwinged delivery bots” and a sea of human Iron Guards working in lockstep to keep the dark world order of Gesomnus, the global government.

Above: Chrome is created in the style of golden age classic science fiction films like the 1927 Metropolis.

Hines and his Producer partners Susan Goforth and Donovan Le have added a Gofundme campaign to add last minute sweeteners to the story and voice some of the robot characters with major star talents. There is still time for contributors to the Gofundme campaign to get their likeness in the picture in the form of a robot and or name or company name on a 3-D holographic billboard projected above the rooftops. Chrome is a one of a kind female superhero action sci-fi.

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