The Langdon Center Announces New Bellafill® Treatment

The unique dermal filler is FDA-approved to improve the look of wrinkles, nasolabial folds, acne scars, and more.

Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon Robert Langdon, MD is pleased to announce the arrival of Bellafill® at The Langdon Center in Guilford, CT.

Bellafill® is an FDA-approved dermal filler that fills in and minimizes furrows around the nose and mouth (otherwise known as nasolabial folds).

Bellafill® is different from other dermal fillers in that it contains proprietary PMMA microspheres and collagen. This combination immediately lifts depressed areas commonly seen with acne and traumatic scars, while volumizing deep facial folds and creases.

Bellafill® has also been shown to last for several years, making it one of the longest-lasting fillers available on the market today.

“Bellafill® is a great option for individuals with deep creases that stretch from the nose to the edges of the mouth,” Dr. Langdon points out. “Additionally, Bellafill® improves the appearance of depressed scars, creating a smoother, more even appearance.”

Because Bellafill® creates immediate lift, results can be seen within a few days of treatment. There’s no downtime, and patients experience minimal swelling and bruising at the injection site.

Interested individuals can learn more about Bellafill® injections at The Langdon Center by calling 844-551-9880 or by visiting the website at

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