Laser Marking Machine – A good helper of Products Tracing

Daily chemicals, refers to scientific and technological chemicalsused in the people’s daily life, including shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics, washing powder, detergent, oral supplies and so on. With the improvement of economic level, people don’t only demand the high quality of products, but also put forward new requirements for the packaging design. It is necessary to protect these products through packaging, but also through the packaging on the clear label consumers can identify product information, so that products can achieve healthy and safe access to the market Handheld Pneumatic Marking Machine.

Therefore, how to create products that meet the market demand, this is about to test the manufacturers and packers of the daily chemical industry.

Technical requirements for packaging and manufacturing of daily-use industry:

Daily chemicals are indispensable consumer goods in daily life, it is closely related to the health and safety of the people. However, in recent years, product safety issues emerge in an endless stream, date tampering phenomenon has occurred. Before Industrial Inkjet Printers the media exposed a lot of fraud dens, the use of ink for ink printing code “washing code”, so that “old” cosmetics become “young”, with “new” look again into the market. Daily chemical packaging market is still not standardized, fake and shoddy products impact on the market seriously.

That makes all Hand Jet Printer Priceenterprises pay more and more attention to product big data management, and the quality and packaging requirements of consumers are higher and higher. In this environment, the daily chemical industry needs a new character-printing technique that is good for product management and safety and environmental protection. It will prevent bad merchants to mix unhealthy products into the market and endanger people’s health. People need an environmentally friendly, simple product traceability system to confirm the true reliability of the product. Therefore, the use of green, anti – fall permanent marking – laser inkjet code, has become a technology benchmark in the daily chemical industry packaging and manufacturing.

Laser printing to solve the problem of daily date tampering:

Laser marking is not like ink inkjet, it won’t fade due to touch, acid and alkali gas, high temperature and low temperature, air humidity and other external environmental effects, long-term use will not easily subside, with permanent and security, can be resolved from the source Daily date of tampering. If printing the QR code on the packaging logo, can be achieved “one thing one code”, and then use the scanner to enter the data into the data system, can achieve a variety of product promotion and consumer group data analysis and management functions, provide powerful support to the development of enterprise decision making.

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