Latvia tech startup Desktopium offering world-class desktop apps for easy business promotion in budget

Latvian tech startup Desktopium has come up with industry-leading and highly affordable windows and mac desktop app building service to help businesses with effective promotion.

Riga, Latvia, May, 25, 2017: While the modern “smart” world is all into building mobile apps, many have forgotten that customers’ lifetime value is remarkably higher when businesses use desktop apps. But Desktopium has taken a different route for better. The visionary Latvia startup has arrived to help businesses with new effective distribution channel with its world-class desktop apps at highly affordable rates. The company helps SMEs to generate Windows and Mac OS apps in just 10 minutes without any technical knowledge. 

A lot of people want to keep shortcuts of online sites on their desktops to access sites faster yet there is no such service in the market at present. The contemporary tech world is so busy with mobile apps that there is hardly anyone for desktop users and for people with downloadable clients. Yes, there are downloadable app generators but they often mean a very expensive service reaching up to a whopping $10K for one custom application. Such a situation spells trouble for SMEs in need of desktop apps as they are often short of capital.  

However, Desktopium has assured to change the whole scene for better by being the pioneer of top-rated yet highly affordable desktop apps for any online site catering to downloadable clients. The company has promised a comprehensive desktop app builder service, complete with updates, new features etc.

“We believe that all websites or businesses should be made available through all probable distribution channels. While mobile apps are important, desktop apps have their own unmatched appeal for your business promotion. Once they make their place in Mac Dock or Start Menu of your client’s computer, they would always be visible to them. This all-time visibility facility will smoothly induce your app in the daily life of the user, keeping you on their mind everyday. It follows a wonderfully subtle kind of promotion for your brand that will eventually translate into higher sales figures for your business. Unfortunately, you will hardly find a desktop app builder today and even though there custom application services, they are usually too pricey. But we are here to fill the gap today with our excellent desktop app development services in as little as $10”, stated Maksims Terehovics, Co-owner, of the windows app builder company.

Desktopium develops and supports downloadable apps for SMEs who can’t afford in-house development teams but are looking for additional channels to gain competitive advantages through constant exposure via Desktop apps for their sites.

“With our windows or mac app builder service, you can now easily provide your clients with desktop apps which they will be able to access through unique download link from your site. We assure you robust help with branding by powering up your desktop app with your specific logo and icons.” 

The Latvian windows app generator also extends its seasoned expertise and custom development support for corporate customers.

“We have been building desktop apps since 1998. Thus, you have one of the most veteran tech teams by your side here,” Maksims Terehovics added in. 

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