Oobuzz.me adding spice to daily mundane life with funny shares

New rising media content website Oobuzz.me is making lives more joyous and interesting with funny and amusing as well as useful articles, videos, polls, quizzes, pictures and news reports.

Paris, France – May 25, 2017 – All those looking for a breather in the daily rut of life have a new destination now. Rising online media site Oobuzz.me is making lives more interesting and spreading joy all over with its unmatched collection of funny bizarre posts. It allows users to share a good laugh over hilarious embarrassing pictures, rib-tickling videos and many such amusements.

“Life is stressful with the mounting tension of deadlines and the constant pressure to strike a perfect balance between work and family. But we cannot let stress ruin our zeal to live and this is where Oobuzz.me comes to the rescue. We are all about making lives pleasant and joyous despite the daily pressures with our funny stuff. In short, the site is about everything that can bring joy so that we can still be at our smiling best even in the face of challenges. While other media sites are mostly about serious dramatic news, we help you to have an easier take on life with our cool posts”, stated a leading spokesperson from Oobuzz.me

The site is a user-centric platform where the users share a variety of fun and exciting articles. They can write their own content or else can even import interesting articles from urls. Added to articles, Oobuzz.me allows its users to share news about them as well as polls, videos and pictures. Users can share and find posts on a broad spectrum of topics such as art, hobbies, leisure, sports, fashion, knowledge, health, business and even technology.

“We need little doses of excitement and fun every now and then to make our lives more meaningful. Thus, we encourage users to share contents and reports whenever they find anything interesting so that others too can savor the great moments through them. You can post comments on the shares which will further facilitate healthy discussions with other users, thereby creating a friendly community.”

Some of the latest shares on the site include – “Amazing videos and best magic talents in the world trick ever”, “20 most bizarre family photos”, “Most Awkward photos taken at the right moment” and many such fun stuff. 

The site also hosts a separate section on the quizzes on different topics- ranging from the trendy Pokemon Go to friendship to spotting grammatical mistakes to movies to memory test and so on.

Added to all the fun stuff, Oobuzz.me also promises useful posts for its users. There are insightful articles on phenomenal tech innovations, differences between life insurance and life assurance and so on.  

“We also care about practical stuff and useful tips that will help you to progress in life. From making quick cash on summer break to benefits of life assurance – there are many such insightful articles to make things more convenient for you.”

To share your own cool stuff and to enjoy interesting articles online, visit http://oobuzz.me

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