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A damaged roof can increase fuel bills and cause expensive repairs if not dealt with immediately. Southgate Michigan best roofing contractor has written an article giving important information on how to save money by properly looking after a commercial and residential roof, and hiring a licensed roofing company.

Downrivers Roofers (, who has become the best roofing contractor in Southgate Michigan and who provide a free roofing inspection service has today written an article offering advice on residential and commercial roofs and how people can save money. Since being written, the article has gained huge exposure for providing important and educational information that many property owners were not aware of.

The article ( explains about the different types of roofs available, which include flat roofs, tile roofs, metal roofs and asphalt roofs. Downrivers Roofers who have won awards, not only help residential and commercial owners keep their roofs up to date with quality repairs and expert craftsmanship, they also help property owners to save money.

One point in the article, and one which many property owners are unaware of when they hire a roofing contractor is the importance of hiring one that is certified and licensed. A licensed roofing company will not only save a person money in the short run by taking care of everything from hauling ladders and shingles, to installing the new roof, the property owner will also save money in the long run. By hiring a certified and licensed roofing company, a property owner can be assured of quality workmanship and more importantly guaranteed work. That means, if there is anything wrong with the roof it will be under guarantee, and there will be no cost to the property owner, unlike when hiring a company that is not licensed.

With rising bills and wages not keeping up with inflation, it’s important that homeowners don’t waste money. One way that money is being wasted is through high fuel bills that could be created with a faulty or damaged roof. The article explains how a property owner can save money by lowering their fuel bills simply by having a free inspection and repairing any minor problems such as loose shingles, missing shingles, leaks or tears.

Downrivers Roofers provide a whole range of professional services including free roofing inspections, re-roofing, roofing maintenance, and new roofing installation among many other services.

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