Hippo CMMS provides an easy-to-use, web based maintenance management system that is ideally suited for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, education and hospitality. This week the company proudly unveiled its new comprehensive website interface available to all its present and future clients who desire having a streamlined digital experience while exploring Hippo’s services. 

Hippo CMMS is passionate about making what is generally a complex and overwhelming industry more accessible to the nonuser.  Hippo CMMS consistently delivers software products that is both user-friendly in nature and at the same time is both effective and custom-tailored in meeting the requirements of a wide range of customers.

“We understand better than anyone how complicated CMMS can be,” said Daniel Golub, General Manager of Hippo CMMS. “Software can be expensive and often deter businesses from updating their internal structure. Cognizant of all of this, we strive to change people’s perceptions of CMMS software by offering a management system that is easy-to-use and effective in nature.”

Hippo CMMS works through on boarding and support, development, sales and marketing, recruitment, and management for clients. To date, the company has over 40,000 active users.

Hippo CMMS follows their tagline motto “making the complex simple” by providing clients with easy-to-use systems, proper CMMS feature installation, and regular support and training. Furthermore, clients can add as many users as needed to the systems, giving access to everyone who can benefit from Hippo’s facility management system. By granting access to unlimited users, coupled with flexible pricing plans, the preventative maintenance software is promised to deliver quick returns on investment.

“With all of the frustrations, costs, and learning curves that come with implementing new software, we understand why people avoid it at every turn,”. “We’re incredibly excited to have launched our latest, most innovative website platform to date. Passionate about our customer service provision above all else, we’ve had a website created that is tailored to the user experience. Spread the word on the official launch of our new site, and head on over today to learn more about our commitments here at Hippo CMMS.”

Additionally, Hippo CMMS hosts an informational blog, updated weekly to bring site visitors key news developments and industry changes. The company also offers free trials for interested clients and has released a comprehensive eBook, a Free CMMS Guide, that covers how to find the best CMMS for respective business operations.

For more information, or to explore the new responsive website and mobile-friendly layout, visit: https://www.hippocmms.com/

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