VinCarHistory Research shows 240,000 flooded cars on US roads

VinCarHistory research has exposed a disastrous number of 240,000 flooded cars on US roads. The website offers complete report on flood damage history and other aspects of any used car so that buyers can come to an informed decision.

Los Angeles, California – May 26, 2017 – Those planning to buy used cars need to be even more careful now! Leading online car repair history resource VinCarHistory has recently conducted a research that shows an alarming number of 240,000 flooded cars on US roads. Worst is many such damaged cars are steadily making their way into pre-owned car market and sold to potential buyers without the mention of flood damage and the dangers arising from it.

Experts dub flooded cars a risky investment since flood damage poses a serious blow to the lubricants, electronic and different crucial mechanical systems of the vehicle. The end result is an internally corroded car, drowning the owner into a heap of pricey repairs. Most importantly, the impact would not be apparent immediately and hence won’t be visible as such while buying the car.

“We recently carried a research on the American auto market and the report revealed a massive number of 240,000 flooded cars on US roads. Flood damage takes a serious toll on the car’s health, leading to menacing corrosions on the mechanical and electrical systems of the car. The worst part is that even if the insurance companies declare flooded cars as complete loss (totaled), this information is hardly passed on to the aspiring used car buyers. The damage is not visible initially and the totaled cars are often coded so obscurely that it’s never possible for layman to decipher the actual meaning while buying. What apparently deems to be a safe buy only ends up with a huge load of constant repairs after some months,” noted VCH spokesperson Edward Adams.

He advised on a thorough check on car history before buying a used car to locate such hidden damages on time.

“It’s always smarter to get an in-depth report on the car history to know what’s waiting for you ahead. Car dealers are usually not transparent with flooded cars which can badly affect your car safety and value in near future. But don’t worry, we have your back. We will provide you with complete report on a vehicle’s history and nothing would be hidden if the car was actually totaled by the insurance companies.”

VinCarHistory assures extensive vehicle history sourced from the insurance companies, salvage auctions, collision repair facilities, auto auctions, NMVTIS, State Inspection Stations and many such trusted sources. 

Added to flood damage, VinCarHistory also provides information on other major aspects of the car such as- accident history, defects, odometer readings, theft and recovery records, mileage rollback and so on. The aspiring car buyer would just need to enter his car’s VIN on the VCH homepage and the site will instantly come up with a full history of the car.

Check the possibility of flood damage before you buy a used car with

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