AS BEAUT from China is the first plastic surgery hospital whose ads are presented in the New York Time Square

New York Times Square, cut off by Broadway and Seventh Avenue, has a sonorous name – “The Crossroads of the World”. Average annual flow of 40 million visitors, more than 100 million people flow, it is viewed as one of the best windows to “attract global attention” and has become the top showcase for the world’s finest companies and most famous entertainers.

The Crossroads of the World – Bringing together elites from all over the world

New York Times Square, known as the “Crossroads of the World”, is an important window to display strength for enterprises, as well as the world platform for the Chinese brand to go international.Companies like Huawei, Changan, Haier, Gree and Greenland group succeed in internationalization, which makes others flock to be here. Subsequently, Chinese brands, such as Jingdong, Sina, Cheetah, Tuniu, JUMEI, have listed in the United States, the NASDAQ in New York square has become a shining platform for China’s major brands.

Surrounded by Broadway and Seventh Avenue, the bustling streets, the bright lights, the visible performers in New York Times Square… This is a fashion show for celebrities. Wu Yifan, Tfboys, Zhengshuang, Zhang Yi Xing, Zhao liying, Hua Shao, Zhang Jie and other Chinese famous stars have come here, with great reputation.

The first plastic surgery hospital whose ads are presented in Times Square – A new forthcoming era of plastic surgery

On May 25, 2017, AS BEAUT, a plastic surgery hospital from Chongqing of China, its TV commercials showed up in New York Times Square with its American plastic surgery doctor team. AS BEAUT is the first plastic surgery hospital whose ads are presented in the New York Time Square. It attracts the attention of global media and people around the world. A new forthcoming era of plastic surgery is on the road in that moment – let Chinese plastic technology step to the world, let the world see the beauty of China!

10 Medical Technology,8 from the United States of America – 8000 ㎡ American Style Plastic Surgery Organization

For 10 plastic surgery technology, eight of them come from the United States. High-tech development in the United States drives the development and upgrading of American plastic technology and equipment. When plastic surgery was made on the body surface, American cosmetic surgery has developed to face bone and skull, that is, changing the shape of facial bone and skull shape by operation. Breast reconstruction, scar prevention, hair grafting and other technologies are the first invented and applied in the United States, as well as pulsed laser and surgical endoscopy

American plastic also emphasizes “appearance management is a necessary course”; people on the top of social circle pyramid are about the most beautiful crowd. American plastic surgery with the world’s largest plastic base, employs with the world’s most cutting-edge technology to plastic surgery, the most advanced plastic technology and equipment, as well as the most professional experts to achieve high-end high-quality plastic beauty.

AS BEAUT as the largest American style plastic surgery hospital in Chongqing of China, has a full range of American plastic technology, a full set of American plastic equipment and the United States plastic products. AS BEAUT 8000 ㎡ American Style Plastic Surgery Organization has been strong upgraded, and has worked with the United States Seino Company, the United States, Al-Building company, the United States Johnson Company, the United States shooting Pole company, the United States Department of Medical Laser Equipment Company, organizing “American Plastic Brand Alliance”; AS BEAUT is the only company in Chongqing with the United States full line of products, including Barbie gold mask, Barbie dynamic beauty Surgery, Dallas all of the nose laid the most cutting-edge American philosophy of the new height, and gradually formed a brand with strong medical resources, the technology first-class plastic surgery hospital.

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