UMS Shield Redefining Home Security With World’s First Mobile All-Inclusive Item Tracker

Next generation home security alarm UMS Shield is the first ever portable all-inclusive item tracker that comes with the exclusive ability to track several items together and assures most credible home security within budget.

Lake worth, FL – May 26, 2017 – The New Year started with a series of high profile break-ins in celeb homes. The robbers made off with  millions dollars’ worth heist from the plush estates of many star singers and actors like Jaimy Pressly, Nick Young, Alanis Morissette, Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner and Emmy Rossum. What’s most frustrating is that all these burglaries happened in the very presence of expensive security alarms and they could do nothing to stop the burglars. The biggest problem with these conventional security systems is that they can’t monitor safes and drawers at the same time which enabled the robbers to run away with everything from the celebrity safes. Moreover, in almost all cases, the celebs were not at home during the incident and hence could not do anything to prevent it.

But the lucky days of burglars are over now. No more suffering due to the imbecility of the regular alarm systems. Enters new revolutionary UMS Shield which is all set to change the face of home security monitoring for better now with its world’s first mobile all-inclusive item tracker. The tiny stick-on security monitoring hardware scores over the traditional home security systems with its exclusive ability to track numerous items together. It means UMS Shield can monitor over safes & drawers together and hence would be able to prevent the burglars efficiently, no matter wherever they touch in your home.

Moreover, the next-gen device enables the users to receive security alerts on the phone through Wi-Fi, no matter wherever they are in the world. The product is accompanied by a lightning fast high resolution compact camera system that lets users to keep check on their safes and valuables in real time. This way, the device can send instant audio-visual alerts in just 3 seconds or even less- whenever a monitored item is disturbed. So, with UMS Shield guarding your home, you would always be able to prevent any break-in attempt immediately even when you are miles away from your home. 

Interestingly, even when the innovative tracker is more effective and versatile compared to traditional security systems, it comes at just a fraction of cost. There are no monthly fees for the residential users.

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“The conventional alarm systems can only guard your house against outside intruders. But UMS Shield proves to be more effective in scaring off the burglars by enabling you to hear & talk to the intruders remotely through its advanced 2-way talk cameras. It is designed with unlimited sensors to track anything & everything inside the house. Besides, it’s the world’s first mobile security monitoring system which gives you the exclusive advantage of carrying it with you wherever you go”, stated a leading spokesperson from UMS Shield team. 

UMS is user-friendly and there is no installation issue here. One just have to attach the hardware’s smart sensors to the items to be tracked. It can be switched on/off from the smartphone only. The device is designed to cover compact spaces and broad areas with equal ease.  

Thanks to its breezy portability, users can even carry it with them during vacations to keep track on their valuable in the hotels. 

“UMS Shield would also help you to keep check remotely on your dear ones like the kids and elderly parents at home. It comes with a unique ‘life-alert’ button for the elderly which can be used for emergency help.” 

There is a 1 year hardware warranty on UMS Shield. 

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