A Large Dinosaur hunting down running Prey on Mars

SANTA CRUZ,CA – 5/26/2017 — Dr. Douglas A. O’ Handley was a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) Jet Propulsion Laboratory employee from June 1967- August 1984. He held a supervisory position during the pioneering expeditions of Viking 1 and Viking 2, the first spacecraft to land successfully on the surface of Mars. Viking 1 held the record for the longest surface mission on Mars for over thirty years, only to be broken by the rover Opportunity in 2010.

O’ Handley also worked with NASA as the Deputy Assistant Administrator of the Office of Exploration -Code Z, from August 1988 to July, 1992. He was the director emeritus of the NASA Ames Academy for Space Exploration with Lockheed Martin from 1999 to 2016 (a joint program between NASA and the State Space Grants). His body of work includes everything from professorships at Santa ClaraUniversity and Georgetown, to work with the White House’s National Space Council.

Mars Life HD met with Dr. O’ Handley in 2012, where he relayed to us a report using data amassed by Viking 1 and Viking 2: that there is water, and life, on the surface on Mars. This assertion turned out to be accurate. NASA announced water flowing on the surface on Mars on September 28, 2015. Despite learning this information before the public, we still had no idea what it would mean for our perceptions of interplanetary science, biochemistry, and evolutionary biology. The central human question has always been “Where did we come from?” Our picture, a finding by Mars Life HD, confirmed by Dr. O’ Handley himself, has the potential to change the way this question is asked, and answered, for the remainder of human history. He told us then as we believe now: “This will change everything in evolution and paleontology.”

We now assert that Earth’s dinosaurs, with their signature fin-and-bipedal phenotype (the origins of which have perplexed paleontologists since the inception of the field), may have originated from our terrestrial neighbor, Mars. This image shows the second of two dinosaurs, of presumably two different species, found on Mars by Mars Life HD under the relentless guidance of Dr. O’ Handley, in just under three years of collaboration.

What appears to be a large dinosaur with no arms can be seen hunting down what appears to be its prey, while a predatory accomplice of the same species appears to be taking guard to its left. Thedinosaur is much larger than “Small Dinosaur Standing in the Field,” our image that shows a species with four prehensile arms. “Large dinosaur hunting down prey” has a stubby tail and a very large trunk which appears to feature an elongated pre-maxilla with an opening near the end, which we hypothesize functions to catch and retain prey for consumption. The remarkably unique flexibility of what appear to be its legs, coupled with a stout hind, completely symmetrical claws, and large black eye, would make it a quick and fierce hunter. The jawline is pronounced and recedes behind the eyes symmetrically. Itsfeet are very much like the dinosaurs that roamed Earth some many millions of years ago. There’s a primary opening in both foreword feet which are the same size and shape and can clearly be seen in the picture taken by the Curiosity rover. Behind the orbits on the head are two small symmetrical protruding bumps or horns, which would mark a newly discovered horn location for horned dinosaurs. The teeth that can be seen are large and located near the front of the jaw bone. Their function would be chewing and tearing flesh. What appears to be the prey is dark gray in color, and features a trunk much like an elephant. It appears to be looking back as the dinosaur takes its bite.

This picture sells for one billion dollars with a ten percent bitcoin discount today. We will feature “Large Dinosaur” at our Origins of Interplanetary Science and Life on Mars Symposium on June 8th at The Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, CA.

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