Top Reasons for Selecting Airwheel E3 Smart Backpack Electric Bike

Airwheel E3 smart electric folding bike is a great transport in daily life. Based on high-quality material and unique design, it is suitable for people from all age groups and all figures. Since it was released, it has attracted a lot of consumers. Why do people love it some much? There are some reasons.

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Going out is one of important social activities in daily life and thus an effective travel transport plays a key role. In big cities, the traffic is quite congested, especially in rush hours. Sometimes, an accident may cause paralyzed traffic. Now, there is a transport that will bring great change for people’s daily travel and it is called Airwheel E3 electric folding bike. Within very short time, the consumer base of E3 is quickly swelling. Why do so many people select it? The following will give several reasons.

intelligent e bike

First of all, Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike is convenient to take and store. On the basis of multiple folding system, it can be folded into small figure that is just a little bigger than an iPad. Meanwhile, it only weighs 12.5kg. Even girls can put it in a bag and carry it by hand easily. Small figure has another advantage, which is easy parking. Different from automobile and bike, E3 just needs half a square meter. Nowadays, the rent of a parking lot is quite high, but E3 saves that sum of money.

Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike

Secondly, it owns strong power, which benefits from imported lithium-ion battery. Besides enough and stable power supply, the battery enjoys much longer working life as well as higher security. What is more, the battery is swappable, which paves the way for unlimited range as long as taking more batteries. Thirdly, it offers smooth and free riding. The intelligent e bike E3’s slim figure is able to freely weave among crowded passersby and vehicles. Traffic jam won’t trouble people anymore.

Airwheel E3 electric bike

The last but not the least, Airwheel E3 folding electric bike is designed for all-people. Whether naughty kids or elderly people can ride it and run on road at will. All in all, E3 redefines travel mode. In the near future, it will bring great change for city traffic as well as people’s life.

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