Dr. Deb Peretz To Launch New Free High Impact Teaching For Entrepreneurs International Summit

Industry leaders will debunk myths and teach how to best create and market effective courses and programs at the new complimentary High Impact Teaching For Entrepreneurs summit launching online June 5th by founder Dr. Deb Peretz.

The new international online summit High Impact Teaching For Entrepreneurs focuses on the latest tools and strategies for creating and marketing high impact courses and programs. The complimentary event starts June 5th and runs for seven days. It is headed by founder and course creation expert Dr. Deb Peretz.  

The summit will feature over 25 renowned experts covering all aspects of program creation such as brain-based learning and mindset issues as well as voice and video skills, marketing, and publicity. In each area, the latest tools and strategies will be discussed, providing the audience with the most current information needed to ensure success.

“The summit really looks at program creation from 360 degrees. You could consider this summit a comprehensive course in itself on how to create an effective course or program and market it,” Peretz explains.

Knowledge in a wide range of areas is needed to create a course ranging from adult-learning and legal considerations, to slide creation and getting over fear of public speaking. The course then needs to be properly marketed to reach potential students.

One key issue addressed in Dr. Deb Peretz’s summit is how to teach so that students actually learn. “Learning is not automatic. If you are not doing something specifically that leads to learning, then assume that learning isn’t necessarily going to take place,” Peretz states.

Despite today’s booming training market, Peretz points out that course completion is one of the most important problem course creators deal with. Closely intertwined are learning and retention rates. “If you are just teaching but no one is learning, then you’ve got a problem. If you design a course with the brain in mind, one that focuses on getting engagement, then you have a better chance of getting a higher completion rate and having more impact.”

Famed entrepreneur in the field of continuing education and professional development and author of “Leading the Learning Revolution,” Jeff Cobb, said it well “We live in an incredible time for lifelong learning – the Web is packed with resources and ways for us to connect and collaborate with others. It pays to have a strong understanding of how we learn and how we can leverage learning to live our lives in an intelligent, informed, and fulfilling way.”

Peretz’ findings are also supported by acclaimed entrepreneur and founder of Mirasee, Danny Iny, who talks in his Best-Seller “Teach and Grow Rich” about the e-learning industry evolving from publishing information products to “educator entrepreneurs” actually turning them into programs that effectively teach.

Both Jeff Cobb and Danny Iny are part of the panel of experts speaking at the High Impact Teaching For Entrepreneurs summit.

Peretz further states that the course creation industry is currently moving away from its initial focus which was more on selling the programs. “As more programs come out, buyers have more choices. They are going to opt for something that’s more effective in teaching. Of course, even the best course won’t have an impact if you don’t sell it effectively, but the opposite is also true. If you sell a course that doesn’t really know how to teach then it’s not going to have an impact either. So you really need both.”

In the entrepreneurial space, when designing courses, there is still little to no attention paid to how the brain thinks and learns, an important aspect discussed during the summit by cognitive scientist Dr. Nicholas Soderstrom, Peretz explained. “Marketing is only starting to make use of the latest brain research. You don’t have to be a licensed teacher or get a degree in teaching in order to effectively teach. You just need some knowledge of teaching principles and how the brain thinks and learns.”

Renowned developmental brain-researcher consultant Dr. John Medina states it well in his Best-Seller “Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School.” “What you do and learn in life physically changes what your brain looks like, it literally rewires it.”

Technology is another myth that is debunked during the summit as no deep knowledge of technology is really needed to create a course. Peretz points out that if you can work your phone, and work the video and the camera on it, you can create a really high-quality course. There are also several done-for-you platforms, such as Thinkific, to host your course,” she adds.

Peretz has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction and has been training teachers and developing courses for over 20 years. She follows the latest brain research on how people think and learn and translates it into strategies and tips for her clients. She coaches experts on delivering their expertise through online courses and programs ensuring they are able to capture and maintain a student’s attention with an effective course, increasing retention and engagement for maximum result.

Peretz is the founder of the podcast “Teach for Impact,” where she helps entrepreneurs make a difference while making a living.

For more details about the summit click here: High Impact Teaching For Entrepreneurs

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