The Long Wait is Over – NolongerWild Dog Treat Bag / Dog Treat Pouch is Here!

The Newest, Boldest, Most Practical Waterproof Dog Treat Bag / Dog Treat Pouch on the Market

BOSTON, MA – 27 May, 2017 –  

  • Have you ever unexpectedly, and perhaps embarrassingly, taken a dog treat out of your pocket at work in front of a client? Or at the cashier at the supermarket? 
  • Does your dog get super impatient when it’s time to walk since you take too long in preparing for the outing, and packing his/her treats, toys, kibble’s and disposal waste bags? 
  • Have you ever realized you left the garbage disposal bags, or your pet’s favorite toy, at home when out for a walk or when visiting a park?

The NolongerWild Dog Treat Bag ensures walking your dog is a breeze! Everything is at hand for when and wherever it is needed. 

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About the Pouch – At a Glance Pro’s:

  • Material:  Super durable 900D waterproof nylon.
  • Washable: Yes
  • Waterproof:  Yes
  • Convenience:
    • One shoulder strap.
    • One waist strap.
    • Metal hook at back.
    • One mesh pocket.
    • One zipper – front pocket.
    • One zipper – back pocket
    • One drawstring – main pocket.
    • One plastic hole for garbage bag – outside.

Anywhere – Anytime! 

This attractive dog treat bag is made from strong 900D Nylon, therefore last longer, and is highly durable. It’s further wonderfully waterproof so you take it with you anywhere, anytime – rain or shine.

1. Keeping it Clean 

Keeping it clean is just as easy. Simply wipe the bag down, or throw it in the washing machine as required.  

2. Hands-Free

The straps of the NolongerWild Dog Treat Bag / Dog Treat Pouch allows you to either wear the dog treat pouch conveniently over your shoulder like a regular bag, or around your waist like a pouch. Your hands are totally free when walking, allowing full control over your dog without any interference.

Alternatively, there is a strong metal hook at the back of this lightweight dog treat bag that you can attach to your belt. If your dog is your jogging partner, this feature is perfect for you! This hook makes for great and simple storage, too. You can just hang it at the door when you get home, or inside your passage closet where it is easy to grab prior to your next excursion. 

3. More Than Enough Storage Space

The NolongerWild Dog Treat Bag has one main compartment with a drawstring. There is more than enough storage space provided by an additional mesh pocket and two zippered pockets in both the back and front of the dog treat bag. You can keep all your dog’s treats, training aids, kibble, and toys separate, safe and secure. 

The bag is although not just for your dog’s stuff. There are more than enough pockets for keeping your own things as well, such as your keys, cellphone, and wallet. 

These separate storage areas make it really easy to find what you are looking. No more digging around when searching for a specific toy or a treat when you want to reward your dog. There will definitely be no more leaving something at home by accident and realizing it when you are already well on your way! You will always be prepared with everything you need conveniently at hand.  

4. Plastic Storage Hole or Disposal Bags

Poop time? 

No problem.

There is a plastic hole on the outside of the dog treat pouch, where you can hang your disposal bags for easy access before and after your dog has done his/her business. 

Pretty soon, the NolongerWild Dog Treat Pouch will become both your dog’s and your best friend. How did you ever walk your dog before without the nifty NolongerWild Dog Pouch?

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