Morale Technology to be at USA Augmented World Expo (AWE USA) Along with Microsoft, Apple and Samsung

Following the global release conference in Beijing and April, we take part in AWE as an exhibitor from May 31 to June 2, 2017, to step out of the local and move into the international market. The USA Augmented World Expo (short for AWE USA), as one of the largest conferences and expos in the world focusing on AR and VR industry, is to be hosted at the conference center of Santa Clara, California, America.

Come from big

Year 2017 will be the eighth session of AWE USA. To facilitate the development of AR technology, AWE has brought in thousands of international AR corporations as its members since 2010. Till then, massive renowned designers, developers, CEOs, future scholars, analysts and media will be together, learning and sharing the firsthand experiences and unique views towards this industry.

The seventh session of AWE USA in 2016 is the largest augmented reality international expo of all time, attracting over 4000 participants over the world and above 200 guest speakers from 47 different countries and regions. With 6 major theme sections and a 40000-square-foot venue, the new product exhibitors that have been a part of it reached more 200 companies and teams. AWE in 2017 will break the records kept in 2016, with an anticipated number of 5000 fans and professionals of augmented reality coming from all around the world.

Filled with big

Those who will be at AWE conference range popular start-ups to top inventors Fortune 500. Morale Technology will display the most excellent augmented reality products and experiences with those companies at AWE conference over every aspects of life, including: entertainment, brand interaction, enterprise, industry, city, architecture, education and training, automobiles and navigation, government and commercials, etc.

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