New Startup, Freemii, Launches Free Unlimited Data, Talk, and Text Through Your Current Carrier

HARRISBURG, PA – 5/27/2017 — The revolution in telecommunications as we know might have just begun.  The newly formed Pennsylvania-based startup, Freemii, guarantees its members free data talk and text on some the nation’s largest networks 100% free. How is this possible? The simplicity is a bit daunting. Freemii issues Account Credits to your current monthly cellular account/bill. Here’s the catch. To signup, you have to purchase a membership for a one-time fee of $149. After purchase you’ll have to enroll your cellphone account with Freemii but a simple phone number will do.   The tradeoff — after you purchase a membership, Freemii will pay $30 per month, every month to your cell bill for new members and up to $50 per month for elite members.  You can earn a higher membership level by sharing with your friends on social media.  Currently, Boost Mobile®,  MetroPCS®,  Sprint®, and Verizon® are the only networks Freemii supports. At this price point for prepaid, the Freemii payments are more than enough to cover the entire cost of many of the plans offered. 

Freemii founder, David Barkley, says he’s just scratching the surface of the possibilities that free connectivity can offer.  “In order to give away a utility for free, you have to incorporate some other revenue models to compensate,” Barkley stated in his launch call.  Freemii members will have the ability to purchase premium content through the mobile community app. Freemii guarantees payments for the life of the membership, which theoretically could be in perpetuity. There are some membership guidelines to abide by.  “Our goal is to crowdsource our growth. The community is most important so as our members help us grow, everyone benefits. If there’s a high enough demand for other networks from potential new members, we’ll offer those as well.”  Right now, you’d have to have or get your own smartphone and purchase a membership separately.  Freemii is not an authorized reseller but Barkley hopes to become a multi-carrier affiliate to be able to sell devices direct to consumer bundled with a Freemii membership. 

For now in-app content purchases and member activations are the only ways the platform is making money. Barkley said he is considering advertising as well because it is the most robust revenue model but the user experience is his priority. He projects advertising won’t happen for another few years if at all.  He says offering more value-added services is a better strategy. “If we can establish strong growth longterm without advertising, we won’t ever need to have it on our platform.”

Barkley believes he has established the model for a free unlimited offering in the mobile telecom market. Albeit qualified by prepaid offerings or any plans the thirty bucks can cover, maybe he’s on to something. T-Mobile recently shuttered its Free Data For Life offering and Verizon has quietly done away with all things free while pushing its unlimited Unlimiteds to boot. Since Freemii just launched, we’ll have to wait for time to tell. But here’s to hoping for a revolution. 

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About Freemii

Freemii is an online membership-based community empowering its members with free mobile connectivity.  Members conveniently receive Account Credits applied to their wireless account/bill monthly. All members help Freemii grow by sharing the benefits of the community. Freemii currently supports 4 nationwide networks. Freemii also offers its membership service to schools and school districts.  

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