Fashion Leader in Intelligent Electric Equipment: Airwheel Smart Electric Folding Bike

Nowadays, intelligent bicycles have been accepted and welcomed among users and there are more and more products of different types to take different users’ fancy. How are the features and trends for those smart e bikes released by Airwheel?

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As a whole industry, smart e bikes are being in a booming stage so far and more and more users start to accept this brand new means of traveling. With the increasing of manufactures, the product also become more diversified and more attractive. Things can’t stay same. So the followings are about the features and future trends of folding electric bike.

External battery

Lots of suppliers choose to insert the battery pack into the frame of bikes for keeping the overall elegance but Airwheel prefers to adopt the external battery packs for ease of changing and charging more conveniently. When the best electric bicycle runs out of power in the middle of a traveling, riders can have two solutions, either changing the backup battery or taking out the battery pack to the car charger for charging during a traveling. Besides, when riders need to replace the problematic battery pack, the external battery pack is much easier to be replaced and takes less cost than the internal design.

e bikes

Intelligent app

App at smart phone is an important part in manipulating for e bikes. Airwheel develops special app for its products which is used for displaying real-time riding data such as speed, endurance or battery usage etc.

 Airwheel foldable e bikes

Compact type

As for the congested city traffic, we need the more portable traveling. It requires the compact type of folding e bikes. Small in figure not only allows those bikes to pass through narrow roads but also does not occupy too much space. Plus, Airwheel foldable e bikes have the foldable design so it is very convenient to be taken into buses, undergrounds or other vehicles.

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Ideal means for vacation

Self-driving traveling has been no more the hottest trend while the low carbon and green riding traveling become warmly welcomed. Intelligent electric bikes bring users more flexible and comfortable riding experience.

A way of exercise

Now e bike is not merely the product for replacing walks but it is also fitness equipment. Here the electric assist bike is helpful for forming good habits of exercise in a long time.

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