People Will Gain Great Enjoyment When Riding Airwheel E3 Backpack Smart eBike

Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike owns very lovely appearance. As its name suggests, it can be small and put in a bag. However, its powerful riding function is the key. Whether short-distance or long-distance travels, E3 is able to perfectly realize them. Moreover, people will gain great enjoyment in the course of riding.

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Nowadays, people rarely feel comfortable when they are going out. After all, congested traffic and smell automobile exhausts really make people crazy. Such a situation asks for big change in transport sector and Airwheel made it.

Under Airwheel, there are many excellent products and E3 backpack electric bike is one of them. Its lovely appearance attracts many consumers, especially young boys and girls. However, its riding function is much more powerful. In the course of riding, people always feel enjoyable.

backpack electric bike

When people receive Airwheel E3 electric folding bike, they had better download an exclusive APP from official website and install it in the phone. On the one hand, such an APP helps riders to know E3 intuitively. For example, riders can read such data as riding speed, mileage, battery and temperature via the phone.

On the other hand, people can realize some settings via the phone. For example, they can detect E3 automatically before riding, which actually ensures personal safety. In other words, people are totally relaxing in the whole course of riding.

electric folding bike

The adopted lithium-ion battery supplies power not only for bike, but also for carry-on electronic devices, like cell phone, which benefits from large battery capacity as well as installed high-performance USB connector. Comfortable saddle is also a highlight.

The ventilated rubber offers great sitting experience and the separated design is good to disperse pressure so as to make buttocks feel comfortable. The best traveling will relax people and satisfy different requirements from them.

smart folding electric bike

Obviously, Airwheel E3 smart folding electric bike made it. When people are riding E3 to their destination, they will feel enjoyable all the way. In fact, it represents the future mainstream in transport field, which is relaxing, free, efficient and green. It is deserved to be known by people from all over the world. One fine day, the harmony between travel transport and people will be realized.

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