Discussion between Pan Yuejian, chairman of Yunjipin, and heads of states of United Nations on the new economy

New Economy and the policy opportunities and challenges posed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in 2030

On May 23rd – 24th 2017, the “2017 Globalization and Sustainable Development Dialogue – Global New Economic Summit” (Globalization Dialogues: New Economy Forum at the United Nations), jointly organized by the multinational Permanent Mission to the United Nations, World Development Foundation, China International New Economic Association, China Entrepreneurs Development Association, and Porter Group was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The Executive Vice President of the China International Trade Promotion Council, Deputy Secretary-General of the World New Economic Research Institute, the top ten leaders of China’s brand innovation, Mr. Pan Yuejian, Chairman of the Yunjipin Ecommerce Company, were invited to deliver keynote speech.

This forum uses the objective of realizing the sustainable development of governments and enterprises in the fields of economy, culture and environment to promote interaction and cooperation, and implement the concept of peace and development of the United Nations while upholding the “innovation, cooperation and win-win” spirit for the purpose of building a high-level exchange platform for governments to develop new economy, building international cooperative communities for national chambers of commerce, building a friendly bridge for outstanding entrepreneurs, as well as comprehensively promoting and realizing the goal of developing of new economies and sustainable development in various regions of the world.

In the 21st century, the world economy still has many problems that need to be solved urgently – the widening gap between rich and poor, global warming, environmental pollution and ecological destruction, terrorism, food security, the spread of new infectious diseases and other new global problems continue to emerge. Uncertainty in world development has exacerbated. How to solve the problem of extreme poverty, how to deal with global changes, how to develop new economy, and how to achieve sustainable development – these have become the main theme of this forum.

At the meeting, Mr. Pan Yuejian used the United Nations Millennium Development Goals MDGs and the United Nations 2030 Development Plan SDGs as a springboard for the discussion of “Policy Opportunities and Challenges facing Governments and Enterprises brought about by the New Economy and the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals” to provide direction for the promotion of economic growth in countries, eradication of extreme poverty, adaptation to global changes and the strategic choices in promoting the sustainable development of society.

Mr. Pan said “MDGs focus on poverty and target development, whereas SDGs focus on improving environmental issues while emphasizing balanced and sustainable development.” 2030 Sustainability Goals (SDGs) are not a simple extension of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), but a major change in the history of human development. This is an extremely complex policy challenge for any government or business but it is also a huge historical opportunity. The achievement of economic development, social inclusion and sustainability of the environment are extremely difficult indeed. When trying to complete the task of reaching the three goals at the same time within 15 years of the policy implementation cycle, the difficulties faced will be unprecedented.”

Of course, Mr. Pan also shared an ideal solution to the above challenge – In 2013, China proposed the “One Belt, One Road” initiative as an ideal solution to these difficulties. At the “Belt and Road Summit”, Chairman Xi Jinping promoted the five co-operative measures (policies communication, facilities connections, trade co-operations, capital integration and human intimate interactions), and three important tasks (to achieve economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability). The harmonious development of the three tasks will cause that the world’s governments and enterprises to see the possibility of realizing the United Nations 2030 sustainable development goals.

Mr. Pan sees historic opportunity for global small and medium-sized enterprises in the United Nations 2030 Sustainability Goals SDGs program, and pointed out that in order to complete the SDGs, there is a need for creative and innovative enterprises to participate. Furthermore, from the perspective of corporate social responsibility (CSR), there is an urgent need for corporate power from capable enterprises in order for SDGs to be achieved. He said: “MDGs and SDGs change the expectations of the role of enterprises which coincides with the historical development of global corporate social responsibility (CSR). It can be said that MDGs’ focus on the participation of enterprises has caused corporate social responsibility (CSR) to enjoy 15 years of rapid development and popularization after 2000.”

He stressed: “In the face of global development goals SDGs, enterprises must set their targets based on a complete analysis of their conditions using the external environmental “outside to inside” (OUTISIDE-IN) and “match with future benchmark” (Future-Fit Benchmark) methods. On the other hand, if the enterprise uses its target as the starting point, from the “inside to outside” (INSIDE-OUT) thinking to set goals, the results can be very restrained, and the contribution of SDGs will also be very limited.

Regarding the United Nations 2030 development planning objectives SDGs, cross-border ecommerce giant Yunjipin, as a global leader in shared economy located in Shenzhen China, is committed to creating a global “consumer + integrated cross-border ecommerce platform + supplier (C2B2B)” new business model, so that the global suppliers and consumers can share the worldwide profits generated by the platform in real time. Not only do they maintain a high degree of sensitivity to national policy, but also to the United Nations development planning goals SDGs. By virtue of its own powerful economic sharing factors and untiring drive to innovate, it has brought about innovation and exploration for the global new economic model and development sustainability again and again, with extremely impressive results.

In 2017, Yunjipin has expanded its market to 28 countries and regions, and helped thousands of small and medium enterprises around the world build an important network of 4 channels (sea, land, air and internet) in order to help local residents change their consumption habits, while increasing the income of millions of consumers around the world. This sustainable development not only increases the sales revenue of Yunjipin, it also facilitates the development of the global supply chain, improves environmental efficiency, reduces environmental impact, and cleverly integrates the benefits of consumer, supplier and other stakeholders to achieve the goal of “mutual connectivity, mutual creation and mutual benefits-sharing.”

The keynote speech of Yunjipin chairman, Pan Yuejian on the world stage is not only a demonstration of the world’s desire for sustainable development of the new economy, but also an affirmation of Yunjipin’s business model. We have reason to believe that Yunjipin is fully determined and prepared to operate on a global scale. Due to the competence of the leadership team as well as the platform’s comprehensive strength and preparation, the successful implementation of their global plan will be only a matter of course.

Moving forward, Yunjipin is highly expected to continue experiencing steady growth, and further expand their influence over the social development of shared economy. They are committed to actively striving to create innovative models and a new environment for world-class shared economy development!

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