New Company Sells Baby Products in the United States through Amazon

United States – 29th May, 2017 – Safe and Sound KiddyCare will be selling baby care merchandise in the United States through the popular e-commerce site,

Among its initial products will be the Baby Corner Protectors which has the capability to protect infants from injury in case of accidental falls. This consists of an eight-pack, transparent safety rubber guards placed on furniture corners to keep kids from being injured by sharp or blunt edges.

There have been many incidents in American households when parents or nannies left their wards unattended for a few seconds. This resulted in unfortunate accidents wherein infants suffered from severe wounds or impairment.

According to recent statistics, over two million kids below 15 years old suffer from unexpected mishaps inside and outside the house each year. Most of them are brought to emergency units of hospitals. There may be serious consequences if the heads of babies or other parts of the body hit the borders of tables and countertops. In other words, furniture will always be a big hazard. Falls account for more than 40 percent of these accidents.

This product from Safe and Sound KiddyCare is an effective device that can protect toddlers while playing in the home or parents’ office.  The corner guards are appropriate for infants and children who still require the watchfulness of mom and dad. It safeguards the child from all sharp edges, its baby proofing at its best!

In designing this product, Safe and Sound KiddyCare discovered that babies and youngsters are prone to mishaps even in the safety of their own abodes. The Baby Corner Protector is the solution to this concern. Among the benefits of buying this infant care item are the following:

  • Hassle-free installation with free step-by-step instruction manual included in the package.
  • The product is soft, lightweight and adjustable.
  • It boasts of transparent finish that matches the natural setting of any residence or office.
  • There are no metal parts that may cause injury to babies and kids.
  • Rubber guards can be removed easily without leaving unsightly marks on the fixtures.

Similar corner guards are not as crystal clear as the product from Safe and Sound KiddyCare which has a 100 percent transparent texture. Besides, these safety guards have string adhesive hold which children will find hard to remove. However, adults can take them off easily without causing any damage on furnishings.

However, the clearness may be affected if the sticky bonding agent is applied on all sides. Customers who want more transparency must avoid applying the adhesive on the upper portion of the edge protector, this may compromise the grip. The purpose of this very functional product and baby-proofing measure is to keep tots safe at all times.

Safe And Sound KiddyCare provides a satisfaction guarantee for all orders of its products from

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