An October to Remember: Living ACIM Co. Brings a New Experience of Embracing All of Life

29 May, 2017 – Living A Course in Miracle Co., is a ministry to support all those wanting to experience true forgiveness, Sacred relationships, and happy dreams through practicing A Course in Miracles. As a part of the ministry, they will be rolling out an upcoming 3-day retreat, which will offer unique music, meditation, discussion, humor, healing and motivational speakers. Living ACIM Co. feels positive, powerful and inspiring messages soar on the wings of uplifting music. Join them on the retreat and learn about the blueprint for embracing all of life, through direct experiences.

Embracing All of Life is the means to employ and create peace on earth. Joining with others manifests the great awakening of Spirit in this world, and is a powerful tool to speed up both Self-discovery and joyful living. It is helpful to connect with others in Spirit, outside of certain establishments and routines to release past attachments and awaken new life. This is why Living A Course in Miracle Co.announces their 3rd annual Retreat which is set to take place on October 20th-22nd at Camp Finch YMCA in North Springfield, PA. 

As highlighted by Joshua Dolecki, “Since “A Course in Miracles” was published in 1976 there have been many spiritual teachers proclaiming to understand and guide others to experiencing its deep message of forgiveness, love, and miracles. No matter how powerful these teachers seem to be, we cannot forget the only real teacher is the Holy Spirit within us all. Any true understanding, healing or conversion of a child of God is accomplished by the Holy Spirit. All anyone has ever done as either student or teacher of ACIM is let themselves be healed, which inevitably awakens the memory of God within. The memory of God isn’t something we study, intellectually grasp or make real through discussion in groups, workshops or retreats. It is to be embraced, expressed and lived out each moment of each day.”

The registration for the retreat comes with an advantage of the early bird special through May 31st, 2017 and includes the entire weekend presentation, meals and 2 nights of lodging for just $185.00. On June 1st through August 31st, 2017, the cost increases to $205 then on September 1st, 2017 the price goes up to $225. Also, register with a friend on the same day and save $15.00/person off the weekend registration cost.

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About Living A Course in Miracles Co.

A Course in MiraclesCo. mission is to create an interfaith fellowship of spiritual brothers and sisters that have remembered “the light” and want to sustain its awareness while living within their community. Knowing that meaningful relationships come from embracing Spirit through practicing honesty, trust, and forgiveness.

They congregate at various locations throughout the Community Celebrating Life as God created it and reminding one another of their full potential as the “light of the world”.  With mighty companions alongside and the Holy Spirit lighting the way, there is nothing this world cannot accomplish together.

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