TruffleNation Attracts Bakers of All Levels With their Baking School in Delhi

New Delhi – A new baking school in Delhi has recently opened its doors. For those looking to truly learn how to make bakery-style treats from scratch, TruffleNation offers baking classes in Delhi with real, hands-on experience. By teaching the secrets to baking everything from cookies and choco pops to croissants and decadent cakes, TruffleNation is changing the baking industry, one tasty culinary creation at a time.

The baking industry in Delhi is experiencing a slow revolution. On the one side, there are the long-established culinary schools, which are settled behind immovable bulwarks of tradition and authority. Such schools pass on culinary knowledge as if cooking were a set of equations that could be memorized. Students learn through spectatorship, rather than getting their hands covered in flour, and the downside of that style of learning is that students do not learn how to cook with love, the key ingredient to any truly delicious meal.Then on the other side of the cooking industry,the proliferation of DIY cooking video on the Internet has made it easier for viewers to get hands-on experience, but they fall short when it comes to presenting culinary expertise and individualized feedback.

TruffleNation offers a happy medium. Unlike a traditional culinary establishment, the new baking school encourages and expects students to be hands-on, from kneading the dough to pulling the cake out of the oven. And unlike the DIY cooking videos, TruffleNation has a physical location where students can walk through the doors to learn, receive feedback, and get helpful tips straight out of founder and owner Kirty’s cookbook of experience.

Their bakery courses in Delhi range in levels of difficulty and offer an array of baking styles. Beginner classes teach students how to bake simple treats like vanilla hearts, chocolate ganache,and more. Advanced and professional classes teach students the art of baking a flaky croissant or a mastering a fruit feast cake. Specialty courses are also available for aspiring artisans of assorted chocolates, cookies, focaccia bread, Italian feasts, and others.

Whether it’s for the simple pleasure of cooking and feeding family and friends, or starting a culinary career, TruffleNation has a baking class in South Delhi for every type of baker. Delhi residents can soon expect to hear rave reviews about the treats and delightful smells wafting out of the school’s doors. With expertise and real experience to offer, TruffleNation is a cut of cake above the rest.

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