GhostRide: New App Allows Athletes to Challenge Themselves and Track Their Progress

Stolberg, Germany – On May 29 2017, Rainer Werner and symblCrowd launched a Kickstarter campaign for the GhostRide app, a fitness app designed for ambitious athletes who want to monitor their training and compete with their personal best times. GhostRide is suited for any kind of activity, whether it’s running, cycling, skating or rowing.

“While trying for my personal best on one of my usual routes I had a great idea: what if I could race against myself instead of the clock?” explained creator, Rainer Werner, “I want to see on my Apple Watch in real time if I am ahead or behind of my personal best, or if I am faster than the last time I ran this route.”

The GhostRide app is compatible with either iPhone or Apple Watch and tracks its user’s route while collecting data about pace, heart rate and geolocation. The app on the Apple Watch Series 2 runs independently from the iPhone for those who want more of a smartwatch-centric solution.

Once the first run is finished, athletes can challenge themselves to a race. The next time they take on the same route, their former best time is represented by the ghost. While running, the device provides live feedback on the athlete’s distance to the ghost. 

To make sure that workouts stay healthy, the app also monitors the user’s heart rate and sends a warning if their pulse gets too high. The application provides a detailed analysis after the run. On a map, the athlete can compare his position, heart rate, pace and time to his ghost at any point of the route.

The app also contains a GPX export function that makes it easy to archive your training sessions. The GPS data, including pulse, can be exported from your iPhone via e-mail or uploaded to your Dropbox or iCloud.

“I am my own greatest competitor. Nothing can motivate me more than racing against myself, chasing my own shadow…racing my own Ghost. GhostRide, the Apple Watch app we’ve designed, will make this possible,” said Rainer, “Please be a part of this project and help us develop the next killer sports app. We are confident that we can create an app that helps you reach new goals and become the best version of yourself.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including access to the full featured GhostRide Pro app when it launches for $5, full access for two for $10, and more. Backers can also pledge $100 to become a GhostRide Dev Member with beta access, access to the finished app, and the ability to give app feedback as part of a special GhostRide Group.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below. 

Media Contact
Company Name: SymblCrowd
Contact Person: Rainer Werner
Country: Germany