BETON GAMES has published a new edition of the popular board game called A Dog’s Life.

The board game is intended for families with children and anyone who likes to play. Players will learn interesting curiosities about dogs and their behaviour. A Dog’s Life contains a minimum amount of text and thanks to this, it is very easy and can be played even by very young players.

Today, A Dog’s Life is available in English, and Spanish, German, French and Japanese versions are in the making. “We are happy that after a long period of development, the game is getting into the hands of families, dog lovers, players from all over the world and simply anyone who likes the theme. We believe that you, too, will enjoy the game as we do and that you will spend pleasant moments with it,” says Frank Salat, the co-founder and managing director of BETON GAMES.

The family game was invented by Christophe Boelinger, a French game designer who is the author of games such as Archipelago, Dungeon Twister and Draco Mundis. A Dog’s Life is a unique game because the players experience it from the point of view of a dog. When published for the first time in 2001 by Jeux Descartes in English, German and French it
became a hit! There is no doubt it was an unique opportunity for every dog lover to be in their pet’s shoes.

“The game sold out very quickly after it was first published but sadly no one continued. We realized that many families would like to have their own game of A Dog’s Life, so we decided to step in! We’ve put together a great team with one mutual goal: to revive and redesign this famous board game and let all the dog lovers play again!” comments Frank ​Salat.

The selection of a manufacturer who would be able to manufacture the dog miniatures and paint them in great detail was also of key importance. Eventually, the requirements were met by manufacturers in China who work for companies such as Marvel or McDonald’s. Thanks to this, the dog game pieces have been made in premium quality. “We wanted them to be as faithful renditions of the breeds as possible. Eventually, the game pieces were created according to our vision by Erick Sosa and David Pereira Ezcurra, renowned modellers who collaborate with companies such as Hasbro and Gentle Giant on projects such as Star Wars, Marvel and DC,” adds Thomas Bodesinsky, a 2D designer and author of the motif.

The game also signed up on Kickstarter where the basic notion is that people will help interesting, innovative and independent projects come to life. “As it has been demonstrated by a lot of projects, which standard corporate distributors considered to be uninteresting, unnecessary or unwanted, crowdfunding enables projects to appeal directly to those end
customers, for whom they are intended and who are thus given the power to decide how much wrong the corporate executives were. The reason is that people care if you do something for people and not for money. Be a part of A Dog’s Life. Now it’s you who can bring this project to life,” comments Frank Salat.

To know more, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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