Seynani, a Sugar Blocker Spray and a Pocket Warrior against Obesity, Launched

Falls Church, VA – The fight against obesity and ailments caused by excessive sugar consumption has just got better. The newly launched Seynani sugar blocker spray brings the power of the famous gymnema supplement in the form of a handy spray that can be used anytime, anywhere to suppress sugar cravings and lead a healthier life.

An average American consumes up to 22 teaspoons of sugar a day, twice the amount recommended in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. High levels of sugar use have been linked to obesity, Type 2 diabetes, skin ailments and certain types of cancer. That sugar is ‘evil’ is not therefore an exaggeration, and the Seynani sugar control spray is the perfect pocket-sized warrior to rely on.

Seynani (which means ‘warrior’ in Hindi) aims to help everyone cut down on sugar consumption. The new sugar craving suppressor trains the brain to say ‘no’ to sugar by blocking the ability to taste both natural and artificial sweeteners. The product is made with all natural and tested ingredients, and begins to work as soon as used to suppress sugar cravings for 15-30 minutes.

“We’ve come up with one of the easiest ways to get sugar out of your diet. It’s a conditioning tool that helps you say no those empty calories and all the issues that it brings along,” said Appy Vohra of Seynani.

Sugar and highly processed foods are believed to alter the brain in a fashion similar to drugs and alcohol. The spike in sugar levels followed by insulin driven decline makes users hungry for more sweets and starchy junk, leading to belly fat. According to a Princeton study written by Dr. Bart Hoebel, sugar is as addictive as cocaine, heroin, and alcohol!

The all-natural Seynani sugar blocker spray is thus a handy and quick way to cut sugar out of diet, jump start a new routine, or eliminate soda consumption. The spray delivery method makes Seynani more efficient and effective than other conventional products. Seynani begins to work instantly upon being sprayed on the tongue, and the spray can be carried anywhere to resist urges for bingeing on snacks.

The sugar cravings blocker spray is manufactured in association with All American Pharmaceuticals, which makes and rigorously tests the product in three phases to meet all FDA guidelines. Seynani sugar blocker spray can now be ordered online with a 30-day money back scheme.

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