From A Starting Salary Of RM 1,600 To A Million In Investments

What would you do with a starting salary of RM 1,600, which is slightly over $370 per month? Well, this young 21-year-old invested in real estate. She is now worth over RM 1 million, in only three years.

The story of Siti Nursyafieqah Abu Bakar is an inspiring one. She started working in a bank at the age of 21, with only a Diploma in finance. Her education level would not allow her employer to give her much, but she made do with what she got.

To supplement her minimal salary at the bank, she took a second job in a supermarket. She also attests to being frugal in her spending.

So, How Did She Get Here?

Nursyafieqah advises on getting financing from a lender amounting to RM 50,000. If you are a couple, your partner could get as much as RM 100,000. The loans will call for monthly interest payments that the couple will meet. She then advises on investing the cash in a plan that will earn a neat dividend that the couple will not touch for at least three years.

Nursyafieqah recommends that people keep weddings simple and the cost as low as RM 10,000. She also does not see the need for a pricey car and home until the loans have been fully repaid. They couple can then buy a low-budget home from the final payments from their investment plan, plus the accumulated dividends.

To create some operating income, Nursyafieqah says the homeowner can rent out a home and then buy other properties from the consistent rental income.

To get financial aid and advice, reach out to Brim2017. At only 25 years, Nursyafieqah has investments worth over RM 1 million, and she plans to keep building her portfolio. Her discipline to her cause and savings has led her to earn that much, and she urges other young people to follow suit.

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