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In this article we see Kakslauttanen from a different viewpoint; one that is more practical to ordinary travelers wishing to stay at Kakslauttanen arctic resort hotel.

When advertisements are the norm in pretty much every travel & lifestyle blog, Claudia Padgett at is setting an example as she travels with her family all over the world sharing down to earth, honest travel tips. is a refreshing experience where you can see real life experience of a mom and her family in special locations like Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives or even at very remote locations near the Arctic circle such as kakslauttanen arctic resort.

Claudia is a passionate blogger and a pro-traveler. She has been to some of the most beautiful places on earth such as Bali (Indonesia), Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli (Switzerland), Lake Como (Italy), Langkawi (Malaysia) and Laguna Volcan (Bolivia). Her well organized blog – – is her journal where she shares eye-catching photography with in-depth information about each destination. From planning a trip, through journey, stay and until check out, offers nothing but practical, honest and most importantly “not sponsored” information. In fact the best thing about her blog is the thoroughness of write-ups. Coupled with her photos of award winning quality, sharing stunning snaps at some of the most desired, breathtaking travel locations of earth, Claudia Padgett’s emerging blog deserves a bookmark in every traveler’s favorites. One fine example for her detailed reviews is the article – kakslauttanen arctic resort review.

In this article we see Kakslauttanen from a different viewpoint; one that is more practical to ordinary travelers wishing to stay at Kakslauttanen arctic resort hotel. For example as it can be seen in kakslauttanen arctic resort hotel review, gives accurate representation of the real life challenges in this resort; such as the fact that there is no internet connectivity in the cabins. Furthermore, problems such as expensive sled rentals and difficulty in moving around the resort without a car are clearly mentioned. Nevertheless, those are only a few negative notions as she writes “the burning desire to being cuddled up in bed with your loved one star gazing into the pure and virgin Arctic sky while patiently waiting for your eyes to witness the majesty of the Northern Lights dancing right above you, all from the comfort of your glass igloo” was the reason she decided to visit Kakslauttanen arctic resort hotel in Lapland, Finland in the first place.

As she is a mom with children and family, the Zeebalife perspective sheds light onto all positive as well as negative things about each and every destination. This allows you to get realistic picture of the vacation spot or hotel that you wish to travel to which can help you to plan accordingly. Her motto is very simple as she wishes to share her journey and her passions with you in hopes to inspire you to travel, explore the world, and embrace all the beauty that the world has to offer, yet at the same time become a more conscious citizen of this planet. The site is able to accomplish this with valor but more so with its honest dictation, the site gives you meaningful information.

Of course, is not just about a lifestyle mom and her travels. You can also read her views on fashion, food, lifestyle choices, as well as great recipes and restaurants across the world. Thus, you can explore her world, understand her fashion choices and expand your horizons through


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