LocalClicks Pro is Turning Clicks into Clients

SEO/Digital marketing expert Donald McCall Of LocalClicks Pro
LocalClicks Pro is a full-service digital marketing company that specializes in helping clients create the type of online presence that will not only boost their web traffic but sees that traffic translates into new customers.

Grover Beach, CA – Turning clicks into clients isn’t as easy as LocalClicks Pro makes it look.  What their satisfied clients don’t know is that this California-based digital marketing company has spent years developing their proprietary techniques. They believe that not only does a modern digital marketing firm have to have extensive background experience in search engine optimization (SEO), but it must also stay abreast of all the latest trends and developments in social channel marketing.  It took years to gain the type of experience that they say will send mountains of customers to their client’s virtual doors. The company is so confident of their process that they don’t even offer traditional digital marketing contracts and instead work off a performance-based model.

“We’ve been in this game for a while now and have developed an effective digital marketing approach that is repeatable and effective and with our pricing model, we guarantee it,” said owner Donald McCall.

LocalClicks Pro says they are well aware of the frustration that many small businesses feel with digital marketing firms that make claims, ask for thousands of dollars and never deliver. This is why he believes that it’s important to prove that it is possible to get measurable results and does not ask companies to sign long service contracts.

“You just don’t know how many clients we’ve had that bring these horror stories about spending thousands with digital marketing firms, only to see their online business flatline,” says McCall. “They’ll have a nice looking website and attractive Facebook page but don’t get any customers from them. Aesthetics are nice, but they don’t always transfer to customers. We want the type of clicks that matter. We want people staying on their page; we want organic social evangelism. That’s how you make money, and that’s how we keep customers.”

Their service offerings include SEO, website development, social media advertisement, and Adwords campaigns just to name a few. As Google AdWords and Bing partners, LocalClicks Pro believes that they are equipped to get their clients attention, and they use a variety of methods to make those turnovers happen.

While they are opening two new locations in Phoenix and Houston, the company insists on growing globally and are happy to help anyone, anywhere, who wants to see their web traffic grow and gain more customers.  They encourage anyone interested in growing their business and online presence to set up a free phone consultation today.

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