The booming Photovoltaic Industry under Belt and Road

Jiushen Energy made a contact with Jianhu government on May, 2017 regarding to 300 megawatts of distributed power stations which means milestone for developing enconomy of eastern coastal region and matching the strategic policy of “B&R”.

As one of most efficiency green engery, Photovoltaic Industry has already been widely paid attention and mainly developed by all countries in wordwide. Solar resources are extremely rich, widely distributed and conveniently applied. It’s the solution to slove the problem of fossil energy shortages and air pollution in our country that develop enewable energy strategy emerging industries including Photovoltaic Industry and adjust the engery contruction, making new energy system-Autonomy, self-reliance, cleanliness, andsustainability.

The photovoltaic system will not adversely affect the surrounding environment in its own generation, but can also improve the local microclimate environment. Cover of photovoltaic modules, the photovoltaic power station based on the shallow soil temperature stable, and less than electricity otc soil temperature, makes the soil moisture evaporation decreases, and lead to the improvement of soil moisture near surface air temperature difference between day and night to narrow, the air, soil temperature and humidity conditions together, help to soil moisture conservation, vegetation and microorganisms and nourishing to improve local ecological environment plays a positive role in photovoltaic power station.

So what kind of a big company support the development of such a good project? What other good development projects does the company have in addition to the photovoltaic power station? We’ll find out the next one.

John Sachs is a comprehensive group whose main business is finance, including providing equity investments, private investment funds, and acquisition and reorganization services for customers. By introducing rigid risk control systems from foreign countries, we can design low-risk and moderate financial products for clients with high net worth and continue to realize wealth appreciation.

John Sachs is headquartered in Zhejiang province and has established 62 branches across China, such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiujiang, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Jiangsu, and Chendu. It is equipped with high-end compound talents from different regions and fields, which radiates its profound influence across the whole country. Our industrial chain covers a large number of industries, such as finance, screen culture, high-end manufacturing, next-generation IT, VR, medical treatment and health, and sports.

It has subsidiaries like John Sachs Film&Television Culture, John Sachs Culture Media, John Sachs Network Technology, John Sachs International Trade (Hong Kong), John Sachs Assets Management, and John Sachs New Energy.

John Sachs Film&Television Culture Co., Ltd.

John Sachs Film&Television Culture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 and has top production teams in China. It commits to combining films and television with finance efficiently, making investments on and operating film and television bases, producing films and television, providing brokers for stars, advertising and releasing, and leasing equipment.

In 2015, John Sachs Film&Television Culture fully sponsored 2015 Asian Influence Awards Oriental Ceremony and acquired Beijing Jiashimuwei Film&Television Culture Company. Taking advantage of Jiashimuwei’s powerful production capabilities, John Sachs produced a series of excellent online films such as The Dragon Legend and Deadly Awaking.

Apart from Jiashimuwei, Ningbo Zhanguozhen Film&Television Culture Co., Ltd., Qingdao Film&Television Equipment Leasing Company, South Korea Mobile Game Company are all subordinate to John Sachs.

As the pioneer in the film and television industry in Taizhou, John Sachs Film&Television Culture Co., Ltd. has established long-term and stable partnership with famous producers, directors, and actors. Director Ye Weiming of The Warlords, Lost on Journey, and The House That Never Dies, senior film producer Huang Chungui, young film producer Xu Dengke, and popular actor He Shengming have all joined John Sachs.

In recent years, John Sachs Film&Television Culture Co., Ltd. has invested on Who Decides, The Weird Bride, Demon Warrior, and Sweet Guy and has been invited to shoot Motel in Area 51 in America. It was the first time that a Chinese company had been invited to shoot a film in the mysterious and restricted Area 51 in America and this film will make its debut this year. Recently, John Sachs Film&Television Culture has gone to Tunisia to shoot a film named Sahara Rescue written by itself. It was also the first time that a Chinese company had shot a film in Tunisia after China established diplomatic relations with Tunisia, which plays an active role in the relation of two countries.

Meanwhile, John Sachs Film&Television Culture is trying to develop overseas market and now has won several DreamWorks and Walk of Fame projects that will develop in Asia-Pacific authorized by Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Besides, it has established a branch in England. By virtue of the enormous influences and abundant interpersonal resources of Hollywood and its rich experience in market developing, John Sachs will march into Hollywood.

John Sachs Culture Media Co., Ltd.

In 2015, John Sachs Culture Media Co., Ltd. acquired Taizhou Zhongke Communication Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise established in cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences and the only one owns the wireless digital networking patent in China. Relying on Zhongke’s patented technologies, John Sachs Culture Media commits to developing, constructing, and operating projects of Urban New Media and Xinhua News Broadcast Network of Xinhua News Agency across China.

Based on the transmission system of bidirectional wireless digital network, it has developed a comprehensive and scientific new media project integrating audio- and video-digit transmission, multimedia information releasing, broadcast control, rebroadcast and live broadcast, and high-speed and mobile data collection and transmission. This project has been widely applied to the releasing, live broadcast, emergent release, anti-terrorism, and action preparation of urban new media.

John Sachs Culture Media Co., Ltd. has signed a contract with Xinhua News Agency on the construction and operation of the Urban New Media project. After this project is completed, all levels of government sectors can issue public information and news timely on the platform, which contributes to building a brand new public opinion base.

It plans to develop and construct multiple forms of news broadcast screens to present urban new media in major cities across China within three years and build the largest multimedia broadcast network covering all major Chinese cities.

John Sachs Network Technology Co., Ltd.

The headquarters of John Sachs Network Technology Co., Ltd. is in Zhejiang. It commits itself to the development, construction, and operation of network communication technologies for Pacific islands, including the construction of communication bases, development of wireless transmission technologies, Internet information services, and mobile Internet products.

This company is equipped with powerful teams boasting professional technologies that guide this company to restart, design, and develop major projects in China and analyze data of the American Air Force project together with the Brain Lab.

John Sachs Intentional Trade (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

John Sachs Intentional Trade (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a foreign trade company with stable development. It is equipped with excellent marketing teams and partners of all channels from China and foreign countries. It provides complete management plans on market developing and after-sales services. You can find its sales agencies across China and it has established a long-term partnership with Jingdong.

The company’s main business is textile, artwork, wood, and clothing importing and exporting, Sino-foreign joint and cooperative production, and entrepot trade.

As its trade scale keeps expanding, it attracts clients all over the world. Its good reputation helps win clients’ trust. It has established long-term partnership with a variety of enterprises by virtue of its high-quality services and honesty.

John Sachs New Energy Co., Ltd.

John Sachs New Energy Co., Ltd. centers on solar energy and is developing four major businesses of energy conservation, environment protection, clean energy, and resource recycling. It strives to enhance its comprehensive capabilities in and strengthen its influences on energy conservation and environment protection.

At present, it is preparing to develop the distributed power station in high-speed rail station project. As one of the most environment-friendly and efficient new energies, generating power using photovoltaic provides cleaner and more cost-efficient power to transportation systems. To implement this project, it is required to transform original roofs covered with color steel tiles and construct safe, reliable, structure-optimized, function-complete, and orderly photovoltaic power stations without damaging roofing structures.

As the State Council programmed the rail network of eight vertical and eight horizontal high-speed railways, there will be more high-speed railways and stations in China. If roofs can be a part of distributed photovoltaic power stations, megawatt even gigawatt power can be generated. Therefore, this project can be used an example to promote photovoltaic power generation.

John Sachs Assets Management Co., Ltd.

John Sachs Assets Management Co., Ltd. is a national assets management company approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission. It is entitled to run private fund businesses integrating private security investment, equity investment, creditor’s rights investment, and venture capital investment. It provides main services of portfolio investment, equity investment, and private equity fund management, asset allocation, fund hedging and appreciation. By developing overseas financial markets actively and setting some experimental units, it strives to optimize its industrial chain and develop in an all-around way in the finance industry.

In 2013, it became a shareholder of Erg Technology Joint Stock Co., Ltd. that is specialized in producing power transformer components of bullet trains for the original national mechanical industry.

In 2014, it became a shareholder of Brearley, the largest tubulation producer north of the Yangtze River. Then, it invested on a national high-tech enterprise named Fuhua Science with top coverage rate among peers whose products are exported to America, England, Italy, South Korea, and Japan.

In 2015, it brought a share of Le VR and cooperated to build the largest platform providing VR applications in China. As the next revolutionary center of Internet, VR technology is to lead many industries to a new level, including some strategic industries like aviation, national defense and military, equipment manufacturing, smart cities, and public safety as well as some industries related to people’s life such as medical treatment and healthcare, education and training, business consumption, culture and entertainment, and social intercourse.

In 2016, it became a shareholder of Hangzhou Jizhi Gene Science Co., Ltd. It commits itself to biological gene research, the most cutting-edge and authoritative field. It won recognition from NASDAQ and was regarded as an innovative and promising Chinese brand officially. In addition, it assists the TV program Beyond in CCTV in gene testing.

In 2016, it became a shareholder of John Sachs Zhongcai Science Co., Ltd., the only company that is entitled to sell sports lotteries in railway stations authorized by Sports Lottery Managing Center, General Administration of Sports of China. In the future, John Sachs Culture Media will cooperate with John Sachs Zhongcai Science Co., Ltd. to build the best brand of selling sports lotteries in physical stores in railway stations.

What’s more, John Sachs Assets Management Co., Ltd. participates in private placement of LeTV automobiles, back door listing and private placement of SF Express, IPO of CPCEP, and first-round investment of Tianxing Capital.

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