Elevate Home Improvement to the Next Level With the V POWER Wrench

Out of all the tools in the toolbox, none offer the same functionality and convenience of the wrench. Here to bring life to this tried and true toolbox essential is V POWER Wrench.

No matter their living circumstances or experience, at some point in their lives everyone has to fix at least one thing. And while fixing things can be confusing or daunting, having the right tools for the job can help make a difficult job much easier. Toolbox staples such as hammers, screwdrivers, levels, and drills all serve different functions and are a vital part of any home improvement or repair job. However, out of all the tools that can be found in the modern toolbox, none provides the same functionality or convenience of the classic wrench. This little hunk of metal is vital to tightening, rotating, or removing just about every piece of hardware imaginable. As such, it is regarded with much fondness by many craftsmen. Unfortunately, this fondness is tinged with just a little bit of sadness, since problems do happen to exist within the multifaceted wrench. Hard to distinguish head sizes, limited range of motion while rotating, and grips that make gaining traction difficult all mar the otherwise great reputation of the wrench. Here to correct these problems and bring the wrench to the next level is the V POWER Wrench. 

The V POWER Wrench brings in innovative new technology that helps to improve the age old design of the wrench. First and foremost is the patented no-slip grip. This innovative feature fits perfectly in the wrench’s jaws, thus helping the user secure the wrench head on the desired hardware with much greater grip than a traditional wrench. The no-slip grip also features a two-way design that allows the head to be rotated back to its starting position without undoing the work on the hardware. This creates a greater range of motion that grants the V POWER Wrench similar functionality as a ratchet. Additionally, the V POWER Wrench features an adjustable head and comfortable hand grip, creating greater comfort of use and negating the need for multiple wrenches within a standard toolbox.

With work done on designing and prototyping the V POWER Wrench, only one obstacle stands in its way: funding. The team behind this exciting new take on the wrench need more money to create an inventory and fulfill orders, as well as to help in researching innovations in hand tools. So to help surpass this roadblock, the team has turned to Indiegogo in the hopes that people will see the functionality and ingenuity the V POWER Wrench offers and donate. With reader support, the V POWER Wrench can reach the public, thus making repairs and construction easier for everyone.


For more information, visit the V POWER Wrench Indiegogo page.

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