Global Essay Writing Contest “Make change by writing!”

Be the one out of 6 lucky scholarship winners by contributing your opinion.

We live in a world of information where many prominent ideas may exist unnoticed. Our mission is to make students’ lives better by having them speak out loud about global challenges from the stance of their academic background and thus contribute to creative solutions to global problems.   


Essay writing contest for college students or recent graduates on a specified topic. 


1st place – $1000 prize

2nd place – $500 prize

3rd place – 3x $250 prize 

All winners will get published on our site as well as our partner websites for even more recognition! 

Due date

All essays should be submitted in DOC or PDF format by 11:59 PM, June 30th, 2017.

Contest results will be announced by July 4th, 2017 on the website (good way to make your Independence Day even better!). Winners will get personal emails with instructions on how to collect their prizes (Wire Bank Transfer, PayPal or Western Union). 

IMPORTANT: All late submissions will be excluded from competition 

Essay Requirements

  • Essay must be written in English;
  • 500-600 words;
  • Should comply with basic essay structure (introduction, body, and conclusion);
  • Should be original work (please do not reuse your old works!)
  • Creative work and images will get bonus points!

Please send your essay at with your first and last name included. Phone number is desirable but not necessary. 

Who will be the judge?

Your essay will be judged by 3 university professors who will evaluate Your essay according to the following criteria (in total your essay can score up to 100 points):

  • Clarity of message delivered to audience (25 pt);
  • Paper structure (15 pt);
  • Creativity and originality of the story (30 pt);
  • Proper usage of English language (30 pt)

List of topics

1) The most difficult academic problem you’ve overcome

2) Your techniques to making oneself study

3) How do you find inspiration for writing?

4) Global perspectives of a lifelong education

5) Education as an instrument for social change

6) The influence of culture on education

7) Tips and tricks of being a good student

8) Do college essays serve their purpose?

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