Americans Affected by Budget Cuts May Have Alternatives

According to The Washington Post, “President Trump’s first major budget proposal includes massive cuts to Medicaid and call for changes to anti-poverty programs.”

Jared Bernstein, a former chief economist to Vice President Biden asks, “What does this budget… actually mean to the 320 million Americans trying to get on with their lives?”

According to grant funding expert Chris Johnson, if you depend upon these programs, you may have additional safety nets with state, county, and city programs, plus foundation grants.

Here’s how it works. Funding comes from a variety of sources. While states get much of their funding from the federal government in the form of block grants, in most cases, there is some discretion at the state and local levels how the money is allocated. If the new budget proposals pass, states will be accorded even broader decision-making power over the criteria for who is eligible to receive funding, which the White House calls “giving states more flexibility.”

That means that local and private funding will remain available to people who no longer qualify for federal programs. However, it will be, according to Chris Johnson, even more difficult to navigate a patchwork system of grant funding because it will vary much more from one place to the next, with each level of government writing its own rules. For individuals and small businesses, that can be a steep learning curve.

People with immediate needs may be forced to shoulder the additional burden of trying to navigate the bureaucratic maze, which can be intimidating and time consuming, with uncertain results. Many people have discovered the more cost-effective solution of working with a knowledgeable consultant to guide them through finding, applying for, and securing the grant funding they need.

Chris Johnson is a long-established grant funding consultant with a strong track record of assisting people with finding grant funding to fit their needs. One such client is Tina Alford, who said that prior to seeking help, “I had given up, based on failed attempts in the past in applying for a grant. I learned from Chris Johnson that the government very much wants to identify individuals in need of grant.” 

For both immediate needs and long-term goals, working with a grant funding expert may be a smart solution for you.

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