ReMe Basket Launches A New Android App That Reduces Food Waste

ReMe basket’s reminder application allows users to track the expiry dates of their food products.

In this fast paced global economy, people are increasingly moving in to the upper income bracket. This means that the number of people that can purchase more food than they can consume, is growing. Individuals tend to waste a lot of food owing to it not being completely consumed within the expiry date. ReMe Basket is a mobile app which allows users to update the food items you purchase and register their expire dates, so that users can be reminded to consume these items before it hits the expiry date.

This colour coded reminder system, red when it’s about to expire and green when it has pristine consumption quality, is an efficient way of keeping consumers on track of the food they are buying and the food they are consuming.

With this increasingly urbanised world an individual’s carbon footprint is only growing larger. It is important that those that actually have the privilege of being able to purchase more food than they can consume, are conscious of the detrimental impact that their consumption habits have on the environment. If the consumers check themselves and purchase only the amount of food items that they can consume, then it would reduce food waste since the drop in demand would affect a reduction in supply and therefore a lower rate of depletion of resources utilised in the production of these products.

Furthermore it is a great way to save money and be aware of how much one can cut down on since their excessive purchasing would go down by a lot thanks to this app.  They also have google voice recognition, optical text reading and barcode scanning facilities so users don’t have to manually enter the name of every product that they wish to add to this reminder app, making it easier for them to keep track of the items. In any case the consumer can’t utilise all the food items, they can also use the inbuilt recipe suggestion feature or share with friends and family right from the app.

About ReMe Basket:

ReMe Basket is an innovative mobile technology that makes users environment conscious, all while enabling them to save money and reduce food waste!

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