A Stunning Art Exhibition of African Heritage to be Launched in June in Ghana

To honor the illustrious ancestors of Ghanaians, patrons will witness the installation of Kwame Akoto-Bamfo’s 1,300-piece collection of contemporized Nsiso heads and much more

Cape Coast, Ghana – May 30, 2017 – The Embassy of the United States in Ghana has announced that it will be organizing a monumental exhibition in Cape Coast, Ghana from June 17 to September 16, 2017. As a part of this exhibition, there will be a landmark art installation in Cape Coast and tourists from all over the world will be arriving in Ghana specially to see it. This commemorative exhibition is titled as ‘In Memoriam: Portraits of the Middle Passage, In Situ’ and several artists will be participating. 

“The highlight of this exhibition is going to be ‘The Nkyinkyim Installation by Kwame Akoto-Bamfo’, curated by Daniel Dunson,” said the spokesperson of the US State Department in Ghana: “Kwame Akoto-Bamfo’s 1,300-piece collection of contemporized Nsiso heads, cast in concrete, metaphorically represents the multitude of Africans captured throughout the regions of West Africa, taken to the Americas and the Caribbean from Cape Coast and Elmina.” 

As a part of this spectacular installation, the 1,300 sculptures designed by Kwame will be installed at Cape Coast Castle and Dungeons, placed in Situ, facing the Atlantic Ocean. This striking installation will be a symbolic tribute to the ancestors of Ghana as well as a cultural symbol for the nation’s contribution in the development of the western world. Moreover, The Exhibition will give a historic visualization to the Middle Passage.

“This will be the largest site and symbol of loss of ancestors of the African Diaspora, the Atlantic Ocean,” said one of the local Ghanaian artist while commenting on The Exhibition. According to the artist, this is not only historic but a cultural preservation that will inspire the generations to come. Millions of African Diasporians were displaced and they laid memorable sacrifices that will be honored and commemorated through this. Furthermore, The Exhibition will also showcase the culinary artistry of Africa’s finest chefs at the majestic ‘African Heritage Dinner’, an annual fundraising event to raise awareness and revenue for the causes of the African Diaspora. 

Moreover, all of this has been organized under the project titled ‘The Ancestor Project’ that encompasses three solid objectives; Economic Development, Artistic Development, and Cultural Arts and Industry Development. 

The Exhibition will feature several great artists of ‘The Ancestor Project’ including the legendary Kwame Akoto-Bamfo, Nii Kwartei Quartey who is the Lead Artist Apprentice and Project Photographers, Naa Abina Nelson and Nii Odzenma. The Exhibition Team includes Daniel Dunson, who is the Curator and Executive Producer alongside Stephenie Thioubou, the Curatorial Assistant and Morris Sinclair, the Project Event Manager. Furthermore, there will be several other artists and entertainers present at the occasion to enthrall the participants with music, dance and spoken word. 

This amazing exhibition will be organized by the Partnerships and Donations of The Embassy of the United States in Ghana, The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Creative Arts of Ghana, The Ghana Museum and Monuments Board, The African American Association of Ghana, Ridge Royal Hotel in Cape Coast and several other notables.

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