Stuttering Back: Fast Forward. An awesome supernatural story of running, speech disorder, and the paranormal phenomenon of time travel

30 May, 2017 – In this supernatural story, Daudi takes us along for the ride as Dave, known to his friends as “Stut”, and his researcher friend and running partner Tim discover that his speech disorder combined with a love for running have resulted in a paranormal phenomenon that allows him to time travel.

Determined to make sense of this, he goes back in time on more than one occasion to alter the outcome of present events. He soon comes to realize that some of these unfortunate incidents are not coincidental, but part of a bigger plan, and that he and Tim are an integral part of whatever is going on.

On one of their frequent runs along the trails of Fairmount Park they meet Arlene, a United Nations linguist and translator who later becomes Stut’s love interest. Together the three of them venture down this exciting trail of mystery and paranormal medical possibilities, often getting them deeper and deeper into the quagmire.

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