Actress Tish Linendoll Joins Elite List of Hollywood’s Most Compassionate Celebrities

Tish Linendoll is known as one of the most alluring up and coming actresses in Hollywood, but she is more than simply another pretty face on the big screen.  Linendoll has graced the covers of Maxim and Playboy South Africa, FHM Spain, and Lifestyle for Men.  She has been featured in dozens of top magazines and brands including Sports Illustrated, GQ, and Esquire.  She plays memorable roles in some of Hollywood’s hottest indie films and popular television shows, is a Taekwondo black belt, and award-recognized musician and writer.  With this kind of work schedule, it would seem impossible to add “activism” to the roster, but somehow the multi-talented, compassionate star finds time to volunteer her time at animal shelters between Miami, Dallas and L.A.


“I feel having compassion for other people and animals is one of life’s greatest values  ,” says Linendoll.  “If my role in the public eye can help reveal, and stop the suffering of even one sentient being that would mean so much to me.” 

Tish Linendoll is not alone in her passion to help animals. Several of Hollywood’s A-List Stars take time to help protect our planet’s creatures.  Angelina Jolie, Ellen Degeneres, Ian Somerhalder, Ke$ha, Betty White, and Ryan Gosling are part of this growing group of Animal Rights Heroes. 

“It’s important to speak up, and do what we can to help the voiceless,” said Linendoll.  She regularly works with the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to protect animals in between acting and modeling.

A natural blonde beauty who exudes comfort in front of a camera, Tish Linendoll can play virtually any character.  Her salt-of-the-earth Chicago upbringing instilled in the actor a tenacity for taking charge and bringing a genuine sense of realism to any role.  This ability to absorb a part so completely as to transfix the audience is evident in films like Time & Again.  She also delivers authenticity to her roles in popular TV shows including Queen of the South and Scandal Made Me Famous.

The actor’s upcoming films include Second Chance Club and Don’t Drink the Water.  She will also undoubtedly make plenty of appearances on the covers and within the pages of magazines across America this year.

More information, including a complete bio and portfolio of shots, is available at her IMDb page.  Visit to learn more.

About Tish Linendoll

Tish Linendoll is an actress and international cover model. As a model, her recent press includes the covers of Maxim and Playboy South Africa, FHM Spain, Lifestyle for Men, Steppin Out, Crush, and Vanquish. Additionally she has been featured in Sports Illustrated, GQ Mexico, Fuse Mag, Esquire, INMTK, Icon Mag, Sports Mediaset, Kandy Mag, and more. As an actress Tish has appeared in the films “Blunt Movie,” “Time & Again,” “Don’t Drink the Water,” and television shows “Queen of the South,” and “Scandal Made me Famous.”




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