Many European Leaders Gathered in Amsterdam, What International Conference Was Held?

In the morning of May 29th, global selected sojourn platform Tango left the starting point of “B&R” for the destination Holland, strategic press conference entering the Europe was held in prestigious Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw, Tango was honored to invite heavy weight class guests like Former Premier in Holland, Kok, Former President in Serbia, Tadic, fomer Prime Minister of Ireland, Cowen, special representative of former Prime Minister of Austria, Faymann, attended the activities, they also witnessed Tango to sign off strategic cooperation agreement with four countries and reach strategic consensus with business development in Europe, and placed great expectation on trade and investment cooperation for Sino-Europe, simultaeneously spoke highly of Tango to create a newly platform for win-win Sino-Europe tourism industrial cooperation.

In addition, Chairman of Sino-Holland Friendship Association, Henk Kool, municipal government representative of Hague, municipal government representative of Amsterdam, principals of various travel organizations in Holland, principals of characteristics hotel alliance in Europe, Skyteam and pricipals of various airlines, tourism talets and famous medium and more than 20 powerful entrepreneurs from mainland etc. witnessed Tango to start big screen in Europe, gave full play to present wonderful tourism market development space and confrim Tango mode in various countries of Europe.

Press conference was held by Co-president of Tianjiu Xingfu Group, famous host Han Wei, and famous ethnic Chinese writer Wang Lulu. Tango CEO, Jin Dongzhe, presented huge success and potentialities in the past over one year to people from all walks of life in the conference, so far Tango has accumulated over 3.5 million registered users, housing resource surpassed 130,000 rooms, at present, it has spreaded over 218 cities, and more than 20 countries and regions like Thailand, Singapore, France, Germany, Holland, USA, Britain, Italy, Russia, Canada, Hong Kong, Sydney, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, and Serbia etc.

Besides holding high-standard press conference, Tango also set up its office of Holland company in administrative capital of Holland, Hague, in the afternoon on May 29th, grand unveiling ceremony of the office was held, it manifested great ambitions should be realized in Holland and Europe. Former Premier in Holland, Kok, former Vice Premier in Holland, Brinkhorst, Former President in Serbia, Tadic, fomer Prime Minister of Ireland, Cowen, special representative of former Prime Minister of Austria, Faymann, attended opening ceremony, Director of Enterprise Bureau in Economy Department of Holland, Bas Pullas addressed the speech, Holland National Investment Bureau, West Holland Foreign Fund Investment Bureau, Zuid-Holland Innovation Center, president of top 3 business trip group BCD etc. made personal appearance and congratulated.

“B&R” tourism territory expanded towards the west and further enhanced China-Euro cultural and educational exchanges

It coincides with 45 anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between China and Holland as well as 42 anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between China and Europe this year, “B&R” international cooperation summit forum just ended up in Beijing not long ago, “B&R” is important channel connecting Asia and Europe, aims to promote the cooperation among various economic entities and strengthens the contact among various countries, this also raises up new round openness in China, and further opens China to the world.

No matter Europe or China requires pay attention to the power of internet in further development. At present, China owns largest population of netizens in the world, netizens amount are far more than other countries, China’s enterpises depend on internet, rapidly enters international market, becomes research and learning object of westerns, China is far ahead of Europe in internet application to daily life of citizens. As outstanding performer, Tango combines online and offline “B&R” tourism territory by means of internet tendency, further promotes cultural exchange and mutual comprehension between China and Europe from humanity tourism.

Keeping a foothold on innovation mode of overseas market

Tango features the core philosophy “ not only sightseeing, but also live like the local”, and takes vigorous and powerful global middle class high-level intellectual as the main (middle class in China who reach the standard is the largest group in the world, at present, it is 122 million and it might surpass 200 million in 2020). Tango takes non-standard accommodation as entry point, and offer one-stop tourism service, including routine planning, pick-up service, car rental, local service, booking tickets, landmark ticket and hotel, overseas private bodyguard etc., as well as personal customized service.

Tango overseas business takes outbound tourism + homestay as the main, its economy sharing philosophy and social contact property linking persons are business core of Tango. Tango utilizes personal unused housing and articles, bases on good transaction environment and credit system in Europe, and offers good resource market related to accommodation during the travelling for numerous global tourism lovers. Meanwhile, Tango also manages relative holiday commodities like local entertainment etc. besides sharing accommodation market, further integrates free walker market, and constructs holiday ecological pattern. Tango is trying to create on future scene capable of changing trip choices.

New opportunities brought to Europe

Beside strong kinetic energy was accumulated in tourist industry by itself, Tango gives full play to share the advantages of economic differentiation in overseas accomodation, it not only improves profit space sharing of accomodation earning, but also actively develops and compacts surrounding product service business, on basis of local service staff, it expands coverage of surrounding product service and increases the diversity of the service, so as to promote high growth of corresponding business volume. In the aspects of the service offered by local people, Tango also interviewed and selected a group of part-time tour guides and organized unified training, and paid according to their service content and time. Tango plans to create considerable employment positions within 5 years and further consolidates European market.

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