Ascenergy LLC Presenting At The Upcoming IMN’s First Crowdfunding Forum For Real Estate In Santa Monica

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA ,September 8, 2014 – The 2014 Information Management Network (IMN) Crowdfunding for Real Estate conference is hosting an inaugural crowdfunding forum for Real Estate Developers and RIAs. The Conference is featuring 45 speakers from these fields. Ascenergy LLC has successfully raised over $2 Million in the last 9 months since their November 2013 launch date. Starting with no views, climbing to the top 10 most viewed on their first crowdfunding platform:

Investors have continued to face challenges for financing, which has made alternative financing methods like crowdfunding more attractive. This year’s event will take place at the Fairmont Miramar, Santa Monica, CA on September 8th & 9th, 2014.

Joey Gabaldon, the firm’s CEO, and Wally King, Director of Sales & Marketing have been invited to speak at the Crowdfunding for Real Estate Forum. They, along with Dewayne Lener who leads New Business development will bring their considerable expertise. Ascenergy is the only company featuring two distinguished speakers on separate panels of experts addressing and educating several key issues of particular interest to this forum. They will discuss economic factors and how to evaluate the growth of Crowdfunding as an Alternative Real Estate Financing Vehicle. In addition, they will present how to assess Investors Risks and Rewards using Crowdfunding.

IMN’s Crowdfunding Forum promises to be an educational and enlightening event. From the Investor’s side, topics include: How and when do investors get paid? Exit strategies? Profit, sale, or acquisition? Investor guarantee’s? If any, how are these supported/executed?

From the Financing side, panel experts will be addressing Crowdfunding: How much has been raised? How much will be raised?

About Ascenergy

Ascenergy has created a new paradigm in the way investors can profit from the unprecedented Oil and Gas boom. They have proven that unlimited monthly residual income can exist for investors also, not just the owners. The archaic “Profit Sharing” models of distributing profits after expenses and owners salaries has been replaced by a more equitable methodology of sharing profits based on gross revenues. Conference attendees will learn about Ascenergy’s unique protocols, including drilling into sandstone, which typically have longer well lifespans and do not require the use of “fracking.”They also assure investors with a written performance guarantee that diversifies their offering in multiple wells if needed to meet the purchase agreement. Ascenergy is “Responsibly Turning Oil into Investor Monthly Returns.”

For complete information, please visit: Ascenergy… The Future of Oil Investments

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