Shweiki Media Offers a Free, Must-Watch Webinar Presenting the Latest Revenue Tech Trends and Explaining How Businesses Can Utilize Different Tech Tools Effectively

Ryan Dohrn of 360 Ad Sales Training and Revenue Strategy presents a webinar on revenue tech trends. Here is a breakdown:

1. Users expect and demand interaction from publishers, editorial teams, and marketing teams.

It’s important for businesses to get a Twitter and do the following:

-Make sure regular conversations are had with clients
-Put in place scheduled updates
-Make sure the updates are pointed and short

2. Eliminating communication barriers to users is crucial. It’s important to make it as easy as possible for clients–both current and potential–to reach the business.

A business can create better interaction by providing direct numbers and emails to clients.

3. Mobile Device Battles

Mobiles can help create a distinct presence.

4. Big Data Wins

A business should collect, own and sell data plan.

-A contest and promo calendar is something to consider.

5. Tablet Battles

-Survey for the most common user demographic

-Assumptions kill publishers.

There are 35 Tablet Manufacturers–it’s important to make sure the most popular is being addressed.

-A business should ensure the company’s website is optimized for all tablets.

-Digital editions need to be modified for tablets.

6. Product Specific Email Blasts

Editorial email blasts will be on the downward trend because people want specifics.

7. Personal Cloud

It’s very important to become involved in the client’s “world.”

8. Social Media Madness

A business should look at the statistics of social media interactivity.

Action Plan:

1. Start Small.

2. People are more passionate when they are asked to participate in the project.

3. Mobile and Tablet plan

4.Plan for making money from Social Media

5. Then do something!


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