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Clients Discovered Content, Happy Pets after Their Training Experience

It doesn’t take long for most people to start feeling like their newest pet is a regular member of their family. Often, that leads to a routine that everyone follows on a daily basis. When schedules change or dogs begin to exhibit problematic behavior, adjustments need to be made to adjust for them. When that involves leaving a canine family member in the care of someone else, it can be just as stressful on the pet owner as it is on the dog.

Top Dog Training and Resort offers care and training that is different from other facilities. Their day school and resort includes options for school, training/fitness, a spa, and boarding for dogs. During day school, dogs are given structured and challenging activities that they will enjoy while being monitored by a trained professional. The skills they learn during school will often make home life a little better for every member of the family. For those who need a little extra training, in-board training is provided.

The features that set Top Dog apart from the rest are their focuses on creating a caring and fun learning environment for the dog. They don’t believe in just keeping dogs occupied, but in making it interesting for them during their time away from home. Their goal is to help dogs learn new skills while also being happy when they are ready to come back the next day.

Top Dog uses a combination of several training theories to provide the customized training that is right for each dog’s skills. Through exercise, fun training games, and structure, each dog is mentally and physically stimulated. Positive enforcement is used to advance during each stage of development. The entire staff agrees that tired dogs are less likely to misbehave. Using their mind and body in these activities ensures they are physically and mentally tired by the end of their school day.

Pet parents who are looking for the best solution for dog care during the day or for obedience training to help their dog get along better with others should contact Top Dog for more information. They offer the training and care that will put pet parents’ minds at rest.

About Top Dog Training & Resort

Top Dog Training & Resort is an exclusive day school and resort for dogs. They offer dog obedience training, a fitness center, spa, and boarding resort. Pet owners can enroll their dogs in day school Monday through Friday where dogs will participate in structured and challenging activities while being monitored by trained professionals who keep the dogs focused on the activities. They also offer a three-week boarding program to help dogs that need more in-depth training. Top Dog differs from other dog training schools in that they use exercise, fun training games, and structure to provide dogs with the mental and physical stimulation they need to achieve their potential.

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