Original Patent of Yue Yuan Sanitary Towel Aimed at Female Infertility

Report from our correspondent: In the present society, in order to make money, more and more lawbreakers and evil-minded businessmen have manufactured some bogus products of poor quality in spite of the public health. Especially in the aspect of women’s intimates like sanitary towel, low-quality items will cause irreparable damages to women easily. For instance, news about female infertility caused by poor-quality sanitary towels emerges endlessly, making women fall into a panic. Isn’t there a healthy and secure product?

“Yes, Yue Yuan Sanitary Towel exists for women’s health,” Madam Zhu Min, founder of Yue Yuan Sanitary Towel, told the journalist gravely. Yue Yuan Sanitary Towel has been determined to produce China’s healthy sanitary towels since the beginning, and it will completely eradicate the damage of female infertility caused by poor-quality sanitary towels.

Owing to technical restrictions for a long time, few sanitary towels can guarantee women’s health. Technical innovation was not realized for the manufacturing of healthy sanitary towels till Professor Xu Zhonghai developed nano-silver far infrared anion magnet therapy sanitary towels of preventing infertility, and applied for and successfully obtained the invention patent (invention patent number: [2012101080964]; invention type: [invention patent]) in 2012.

For the development of Yue Yuan Sanitary Towel, Madam Zhu Min bought the patent of nano-silver far infrared anion magnet therapy sanitary towels, and has persisted in manufacturing of healthy sanitary towels since then. In order to seek the most suitable raw materials for sanitary towels, the company chose silk non-woven fabrics as the surface (dry, comfortable and skin-friendly), water absorption factor imported from Japan (no fluff pulp bleached with fluorescent agent) as the water accepting layer, PE gas-permeable membrane as the bottom layer (breathable), and xylitol pectin as the gum (safe and environmental) after conducting countless contrast tests.

According to women’s demands, Yue Yuan Sanitary Towel carries out differentiation in category. Four products, including “panty liner, ultrathin pad for daytime, absorbing pad for night, and super-long pad for night”, are sold on the market, and all of them are well received by female customers.

“As a woman, I hope that every female friend can use healthy products,” said Madam Zhu Min soulfully.

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