Baby Mama Movie offers several nursery rhyme videos to keep kids engaged while learning

06.06.17 – The website of Baby Mama Movie that specializes in offering several interesting online videos has now announced that they now offer a wide range of nursery rhymes to teach the kids in a fun filled way with music loaded rhymes created with interesting visuals that are colorful and attractive.

It is true that the nursery rhymes play big role in promoting the learning ability of both the toddlers and small kids, as rhymes’ verses are written with a playful and impressive tone along with rhythm to attract the kids right from its beginning to the end. This is why the kid’s nursery schools, play schools and crèches rely on these videos of nursery rhymes, as the music and creative animations can help the kids remain calm and learn the lines quickly. The rhyme videos are often centered around a specific type of vehicle, person, animal, insect or flower for making the kids learn new words, its meaning and other things present around them.

One can find the video of the peppy nursery rhyme, Five Little Monkeys by clicking the link given at This rhyme features the story of 5 small monkeys who are playful and naughty at the same time. This rhyme video features all the favorite animals of kids, such as monkeys, gorillas, pandas, giraffe and lion. It also has the music of a variety of instruments, such as cymbals, bongo drums, piano and drums to create a mesmerizing musical video. The way the monkeys jump on the bed is sure to capture the attention of toddlers.

One can teach the kids about the fun and frolic involved during the festive season of Christmas by teaching them the Jingle Bells rhyme. The video for this nursery rhyme is available at the video link at This rhyme video features small kids and their elders wearing the Santa cap to mark the festive mood and celebrating Christmas. The rhyme aims at helping the kids learn about the importance of celebrating Christmas together with their loved ones.

The classic rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has always found a prominent role in the education time of toddlers and preschoolers. One can teach the children this beautiful rhyme by helping them watch the video of it at the link, The video will help the kids learn about the moon, night sky and the stars easily.

Another interesting rhyme, The Wheels On The Bus Song can be played at the url to help the kids know the various parts of the bus and their functions. The simple to understand English language with which the verses of the poems are written helps the kids to learn another language apart from their mother tongue to communicate with others effectively.

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The website of Baby Mama Movie offers various nursery rhymes that are created to keep all the little ones engaged while helping them learn.

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