First Artificial Intelligence SEO Company Launches in UK

Artificial intelligence promises to be a game changer in digital marketing

Cardiff, UK, 6 June 2017 – Digipeak, a Cardiff-based SEO company recently announced a new service which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to build an SEO strategy. They are the first SEO company in the UK to use machine learning purely for ranking websites.

Machine learning is creating a buzz within the digital marketing community. Although marketing agencies are using AI to track marketing data, other digital firms are not applying data for SEO processes.

AI can be used to mine information from all over the web. The data it produces tells firms why competitor websites are ranking. As a result, it is possible to improve visibility in search engines faster and for less cost.

“The algorithm is over 99% accurate in predicting rank increases and builds over 31 million links a month – which is increasing month on month” says owner and CEO Jonathon Forshaw. “We use AI for SEO and have a super high increase rate in the first month. In fact, we normally get an increase in 10 to 13 days.”

Jonathon has nine years’ experience in digital marketing and initially launched Idea21 in 2008 which offered Web design and SEO. In 2014, the business was separated in to different disciplines. When they started working with an AI supercomputer in 2016, Jonathon decided to create Digipeak.

 Before he adopted the $3m AI supercomputer, the firm was just another digital marketing agency in a saturated market. The difference now is Digipeak recover big data to assess the SEO strategies of competitors. They can then build a custom strategy for that industry.

In the next five years, the company intends to grow from their Cardiff-based roots and expand throughout the UK. After that, the SEO firm plans to develop a presence in the United States.

You can contact Digipeak on 02920 291644 or get in touch through Facebook.

Media Contact
Company Name: Digipeak
Contact Person: Jonathon Forshaw
Phone: 02920 291644
Country: United Kingdom