Introducing +Life for laptops That Does More Than Protect

As technology advances, so should the accessories that come with it. For laptops and their cases, this has meant producing more durable cases, but today a company named Case Electronic is here add durability, power, and storage with their product: +Life for laptops.

Today, technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of life. In turn, many professionals are required to use a laptop daily. These laptops have become lighter, faster, and more intelligent, and as they have been refined and developed, their accessories have evolved. Everything from laptop speakers that can now be connected over Bluetooth to webcams that are integrated into the laptop itself shows just how far laptop accessories have come. However, the laptop case remains largely untouched. These cases have become sleeker and more durable, but there has been little to no improvement in the realm of functionality. Today, a company by the name of Case Electronic is here to change that with their latest product: +Life for laptops. This innovation allows laptops to be protected, have their battery life extended, and increase hard drive storage.

+Life for laptops comes in three different models: Basic, Premium, and Extreme. The Basic model features a hardened plastic shell, the Premium model is made with an aluminum shell, and the Extreme model is virtually unbreakable thanks to its lightweight, yet durable carbon fiber shell. All of these models also act as both a power bank and additional hard drive storage. Thanks to a patent-pending, graphene-lithium hybrid battery, +Life for laptops functions as a power bank capable of supplying seventy hours of charging time on just one charge. What’s more is that the power bank itself only takes one hour to charge completely. 

As for the storage provided by +Life for laptops, Case Electronic provides cases equipt with storage capacities ranging from one to two terabytes of space. With these thousands of gigabytes of space, many users will have more room than they could ever ask for, and maybe even space for a full hard drive backup. All of these systems are kept cool by a high-end, eight-fan cooling system. What’s more is that these features are both protected by the hard shell of the case and take up a minimal amount of space, keeping the laptop case sleek and modern.

To mass produce such an innovative case, Case Electronic needs funding to begin assembling a batch of cases. To remedy this issue, the Case Electronic team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through this campaign, readers can place preorders at a special rate, saving themselves money and supporting the +Life for laptops. With this support, the Case Electronic team aims to bring innovation to the world of laptop cases.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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